Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Crap From The Idiot Trade

Here is where this started and continued.

Here is his response to my message that said simply, "Ill get over this when my cards come."

What is your problem? I'm on another trade site, thats why they were mixed up, what you never made a mistake? What do you think your mister perfect, guess what your not, i have more friends on here then you do, i will put out the word about you, your nothing more than a coward, and a few other words. You must be a little boy, only little boys cry like babies. Do you need your diaper changed? Did you make a stinky?

Wow, I had no idea that making a correct trade had everything to do with how many friends you have! Im so glad he is going to put out the word against me to all those friends, too!


The only thing I want is for the cards he sent to get here so I can leave TCC for good.


  1. Show him the power of your blog - post his user-name and link to him and watch him get hammered with nasty emails and comments.

  2. If he is a bad trader, I would like to know who he is so that I don't become a victim.

  3. That does nothing William. No, what we need here is more...persuasive action.

    Have any of you ever heard of a Molotov Cocktail?

  4. I had bad experiences when buy cards on eBay, it's about 4 times i didn't get my cards that i had paid about $150 in total.

    After reading your experience, LJ auto? He really bad as evil.

  5. You should tell him that Curt Hennig was Mr. Perfect, and that you still haven't recovered from his untimely death a couple years ago. Then point out what an asshole he is for bringing that up. Then tell him you hope he slips in a puddle of AIDS.

  6. What i think is that he should stop being a little bitch about it. Accidents happen. I bet everyone of you fags has made a mistake. Only Curt was perfect.

  7. Ha! He came. Oh man, welcome to the thunderdome. You're in my world now...

    Good thing you resorted to the gay jokes right away, I was thinking that would be step two in your teenage arsenal - I was wrong I guess.

    Have fun dodging the bullets that are obviously about to come your way!

  8. Dude, I sincerely hope you do not think that anyone even comes close to agreeing with you in any way. If some one fucked up a trade as bad as you did with such high end cards, the "flaming chainsaw of death" would surely be brought to the table as Gellman says.

    Then to throw shit around like you did AND come on here and try to win people over... you are already dead here in that respect.

    Go have fun playing Bratz with your boyfriend "fag." We are all comfortable with our sexuality here.

  9. Stunning. This guy is amazing. And by amazing, I mean an asshat. What a chode. I haven't used the word 'chode' since high school, ten years ago. I think he is about that age now where they use that word still. He can relate. Punk ass kid. Or punk ass sad excuse for an adult.

  10. You remind me of a girl I once dated years ago, that started every apology with,"Okay, So like, promise me you won't be mad." And then when I would get mad cause she just ran over my mailbox, she would say, "you have no right to get mad, you don't even get that much mail. Like you're sooo perfect. How many mailboxes have you ran over in your life." At which point the only way to solve it would be a Dutch-Oven. Your move Gellman.

  11. Lesson: Dont run over his mailbox unless you are okay with getting farted on. Okay. Ha.

  12. What would Michael Clump do?

  13. Im glad all you little girls hide in here in your own little fantasy land. I'm not scared to come into your little word, because i admitted messing up. And today is National act like a stripper and donkey act day... so grab your boyfriends ass and ride it.

  14. Annnnnnnnnnnnd that joke officially makes no sense. Stupidly, of all the things you can make fun of, you tried the one thing that has no relevance. We are all gay women? Have fun with that one, it only shows you have little to contribute, not only here but in society. We should make you a nametag, "Hello, I am a loser at life."

    I also love how you think this is a fantasy land, too. So far I know he has had unsolicited contact with all three of the major companies, as well as with both of the minor ones. In case you dont know what that means, it means that he didnt initiate it. They did.

    He has also just had interviews done with the biggest card producer and the fan favorite card producer. When was the last time you chatted with anyone of worth in this industry?

    I also know that he is mentioned at just about every beckett meeting too, exactly what he probably wants to happen. Ive gotten that from multiple people - they act like its a secret.

    In addition, he gets around 350 hits a day according to the tracker - topping out at over 500 yesterday. Yep, you are 100% correct, its a fantasy land.

    Next time you question someones internet cock, make sure yours doesnt pale in comparison.

    When you get your driver's license in about 6 years, make sure you go get mommy's permission to look up info about half of what you are saying.

  15. Matt G, ha, Ill give him the standing 8 count on that one. Wow.

    Thanks for that.

    So yeah, what he said.