Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Have Held Back For A Long Time, Thats Done Now

When it comes to Stale Gum, there are not many blogs that go back further. Really. Yet, when I continually watch him take my term that I made up for idiot douchebags in the hobby, and make it into a term that describes every person that doesnt think exactly like him, I start fuming smoke from my ears.

When I created Joe Collector to vent my frustrations of people I cant stand, readers could identify with the steaming bags of oxen shit I was talking about. They hated the people I was talking about just as much as I did. It was a mantra people could stand behind, because those people were more annoying than Keenan Thompson on SNL. Thanks to Stale Gum, that is gone, and a "Joe Collector" has become the "not Chris Harris" people in the hobby, which is pretty much everyone.

Here is his latest use of my wonderful brain child:

"This year's UD Masterpieces appears to follow the same formula, with a $7/pack Hobby version for Joe Collector, and a $2.99/pack retail version for Actual Collector. But there's one huge difference between Hobby and retail this year, and this is 2008 UD Masterpieces' fatal flaw."

After reading this, I am about five seconds from throwing my dog out the window. Seriously, did he acutally use the term "actual collector" for people that choose retail masterpieces over hobby? What the fucking hell is that supposed to mean? If you dont go and waste twenty bucks on retail blaster to get a bunch of fucking base cards you arent an "actual collector?" Fuck that arrogant bitch ass statement. To call the people who buy retail "actual collectors" is borderline fucking insanity to begin with.

Now, im not going to go into my retail versus hobby rant again because it isnt even a fucking contest. Ill sure as fuck stand toe to toe with him over what a fucking Joe Collector is too, mainly because he is blantanly fucking abusive when trying to pass it off as his own shit.

Here is the tag list for Joe Collector. I hope you guys understand why I am so fucking angry after reading what a real JC stands for.

Chris, you are becoming more of a Joe Collector every day, and that is sadder than buying retail all together.

EDIT: Thanks to Chris for being the bigger person and apologizing.


  1. Fuck yeah man, I'm an Actual Collector now. I tower over all of you bitches.

    Gellman, let the record show that I am now, from this day forward, am to be refered to as A.C. Geo. Gracias.

  2. Chris Harris can go fuck himself. He has been heading down a long and lonely road for a long time now.

  3. Preach on brotha! Its about time!

  4. Think he'll respond?

    You know there's a "I am Joe Collector" blog now too.

  5. I dont care if he responds.

    As for the blog, I have read a few posts. Its like "pee in the pool" as mario said with these terms.

  6. Since he went after me for a serious comment questioning how he could come up with $5 a pack for 92 Fleer Jumbos.....calling me different names and telling me to learn about supply-and-demand.

    I have one thing to say to Chris:

    How long have you been collecting cards? You seriously thought the odds for inserts and/or short-prints would be the same in retail as hobby?

    Almost every product produced in both retail and hobby has better odds for inserts/short prints in the hobby version. It is part of what makes it the "hobby" edition.

  7. I don't want to add fuel to the fire because I like reading both SCU and Stale Gum, but I agree with you on two points:

    1. Chris really did take the "Joe Collector" term and distort it to the point where it has lost all of its original meaning. It was a great concept when Gellman first started writing about it.

    2. Chris is misguided in his preference for retail over hobby. For roughly the price of three blasters, you can get a hobby box in which you'll get 6 short prints, 6 parallels, 4 YSL cards, one memorabilia card, and one autograph card. Unless all that you care about is the base cards, you gotta go with hobby for Masterpieces. As for me, I like the base cards, but the short prints and the "hits" are important to me too, so I went with hobby. With 90% of card products, hobby is the better deal. Such an astute "actual collector" like Chris should know that...

  8. How do you think these people feel?

    Sorry for the long link

  9. Heel, that is fucking great, but I dont think anyone else will be able to see. Please repost with the correct code so it shows up as a link rather than a long string of text.

  10. Those poor people. What happens when they google their name?

  11. This just in: Stale Gum has literally crossed out JC and AC in his post.

  12. He apologized, he can do whatever he wants.


  14. Yeah, he obviously didnt get the gist of what I was saying.

    Mario's analogy had to do with once you put the term on the net and it gets recognition, its not going to get taken out without draining the whole pool. Since thats impossible, so is dumping the term.

    The only thing is that things were taken out of the original context, completely mishandled, and my graphics were even stolen. That sucks.

    I guess its all straightened out now, but really its about principle.

    Also, if Mr. Joe Collector wants to name his blog that, considering the context of what that term connotes, be my guest.

  15. I like the fact that Joe Collector seems to think that you didn't introduce the term to the blogging world, when in fact, you did.

    Makes him even more of a JC.

    Did you see his thing about buying cases of product and getting virtually NOTHING back in return? Yeah, he's a JC that's for sure.

  16. So what do you do about the Joe collector blog?

  17. You know if all you are interested in is the base cards you can get the base set off ebay for under the price of a blaster.

  18. That's pretty much true of a lot of sets, but not all. Besides that there is something to be said about completing a set that you started out to make, there's a satisfaction that you get from completing the set yourself rather than buying it flat out.

  19. Holy Shit! I had no idea all of this was going on...

    I'll just say this. I took the liberty of pinching myself. Obviously, it hurt, which leads me to believe that I'm real and/or "actual".

    Then I got up and went to my office and noticed that I still have boxes of cards. So, I must be a collector as well.

    So, and I'm assuming here, that I'm an "actual collector". I could be wrong.

    Chris Harris? Gellman? Joe Collector? I don't have a problem with any of it (although I can see where Gellman does...knowing the back story, this post is entirely justified in my opinion and he's got my full on support.)

    So, with all the eff bombs exploding around our feet, here's mine.

    Fuck all the definitions. Fuck all of the definers. Jokes are jokes and funny's fine but the Joe Collector shit's gotta go.

    I know where it started and it was funny then. But, now, it's just causing unnecessary division in our circles.

    I don't give a shit what anybody thinks or says. I'm an actual collector, regardless of what I buy.