Friday, October 17, 2008

First Look: 2008 SP Authentic FB

ITS HERE! ITS HERE! We finally get our first look at SP Authentic, and I must say it looks fucking great. Everything looks snazzy as fucking hell, and I am really excited for it. They went with horizontal formatting again for the RC Patch autos, and I am a big proponent of that. They also keep the white background (YES!) and reshape the patch window to look a lot better than the thing from last year.

Also, we get a preview of the By The Letters and I assure you they will be amazing as usual. I am praying for a Peterson one, and I hope that they dont mess with a good thing when it comes to these.

Lastly the RC Leatherheads look unusual in terms of the contents of the photos, but the idea is pretty cool. It again looks like all of the autos will be on card and this could be a frontrunner for product of the year.

Get the rest of the information I published on SP Authentic from my interview with Gregg, maybe we can get some other cool previews now that its public.



  1. If I can make a small complain; am I the only one who HATES when letterman autos spell out something other than a players last name? It is pointless. Why do I want a Romo signed 'A'?

    Either use their name or their number.

  2. Why does the Joe Flacco card have a LaDainian Tomlinson auto? lol

  3. From the pictures in the post I'd have to say 07 looked way better. This looks like Chirography or something, yuck!