Sunday, October 19, 2008

Donruss Threads Baseball Team Assignments

I am about to put the order in on the boxes tonight. The product is set to release Wednesday and should ship out to me either Wednesday or Thursday. I estimate the break will be on Monday the 27th or Tuesday the 28th. I will keep you all updated.

stats_on_the_back-Athletics, Rockies
White Sox Cards-Twins, Giants, Nationals, Reds
arfmax-Royals, Tigers, Cubs, Pirates
cardboard addiction-Marlins, Mets, Braves, Orioles
houstoncollector-Angels, Padres, Red Sox, White Sox
gellman-Yankees, Mariners
motherscratcher-Blue Jays, Rangers, Brewers, Astros
heartbreakingcards-Indians, Rays
Captain Canuck-Cardinals, Diamondbacks
psad21-Dodgers, Phillies


  1. White Sox Cards, want to sell me Giants for $7? :)

  2. Heartbreaking cards - I will trade you any one of my teams for the Tribe.

  3. Ill trade yankees for the braves or giants.

  4. motherscratcher...I'll trade you Indians for Brewers...will that work?

  5. Motherscratcher.

    I want the AStros. Talk to me. :D

  6. If I keep the Giants, they will probably be heading your way for some White Sox cards.

  7. psad21: I would love to get the Phillies from you, let me know if you are interested in any of my 4 teams!


  8. Gellman, you got it. Braves for Yankmees

  9. psad21: Sorry, I posted as anonymous, which doesn't help you know who the heck I am! I have username arfmax


  10. To the person who wanted the Phillies from me...I don't know what teams you name was posted.

  11. To the person who wanted the Phillies from me...I don't know what teams you name was posted.

  12. I know this is probably the wrong spot for this, but I wanted to thank Justin for the cards from the Absolute Football break. I had Seahawks and Bengals, and got cucka. When I went to the mailbox today, I had a package waiting for me with 3 auto cards from other sets, including one of Webster's dad Alex Karas.

  13. arfmax...

    I'd love to trade you Phillies for Cubs. Deal?

  14. psad21: Cubs for Phillies is a deal, thanks!


  15. Matt f. - Great Thanks! Indians for Brewers. Done.

    HousonCollector - How about Astros for Red Sox? That OK?

  16. HoustonCollector, I wouldn't be opposed to trading the Twins for the White Sox. Let me know.

    thenennthinning, I'll keep the Giants, but unless it's a card that absolutely blows me away or has a White Sox element to it, you will be getting all the Giants in trade. Keep the $7 in your PayPal account so you can get into the next one. :)

  17. arfmax -- How about "I'm Going to the World Series" Rays for "I Didn't Finish In Last Place In My Division" Royals?

  18. I'll do Twins for White Sox and Astros for Red Sox (although I really /don't/ want to give up Red Sox due to all the possible hits.

    But I'd rather have the Astros.

    Anyone want my other two teams? Make offers.

  19. crap. I hate having to work for a living... I missed out on all this.

    I have Cardinals and Diamondbacks... I really want the Braves... maybe the Blue Jays (for the Diamondbacks)

    any offers?

  20. Would anyone be interested in selling a spot? I missed this one, and love doing these breaks. Let me know, please: dkrill-at-rochester-dot-rr-dot-com.

  21. Captain Canuck - It looks like I have the Blue Jays. I'll give you them for the Diamondbacks if you want them. It's all the same to me.

  22. mothercratcher...
    diamondbacks for the Jays.

    Thanks a lot bud.

  23. This, as far as I can tell, is an updated team assignment list. Please comment if I got anything wrong or left anything out.

    stat_on_the_back-Athletics, Rockies

    White Sox Cards-White Sox, Giants, Nationals, Reds

    arfmax-Royals, Tigers, Phillies, Pirates

    cardboard addiction-Marlins, Mets, Yankees, Orioles

    houstoncollector-Angels, Padres, Astros, Twins

    gellman-Braves, Mariners

    motherscratcher-Diamondbacks, Rangers, Indians, Red Sox

    heartbreakingcards-Brewers, Rays

    Captain Canuck-Cardinals,
    Blue Jays

    psad21-Dodgers, Cubs

    Sox Crads - Twins, Giants