Monday, October 13, 2008

A Crisis We All Can Relate To: IM BORED!

You know, as a card blogger, I had a feeling it would eventually come to this. Right now there is a huge lull in the product release, and just not much going on in the hobby really. On the personal side, the Twins are done and the Vikings are REALLY FUCKING BORING, so its tough to not want to run to the shop and rip through 800 dollars worth of crappy boxes.

Originally I thought this lull would be cured by the best or second best mid end product of last year, Gridiron Gear, but after seeing some of the acutal card designs, wow, I am disappointed.

Who put these jersey windows on the design plate? They are further into no-man's land than George Costanza's shirt button. Someone needs to alert them that the lack of an auto on a jersey card is not an excuse to leave the jersey window there. Wow.

As for the RC Gridiron Gems, the pullouts look fine. In fact they look so fine, that the rest of the cards look out of place when they didnt make up for the fact that their design doesnt fucking fit the other parallels of the card. Last year's white borderless design was good enough to bring a tear to your eye. This year they went into design overdrive and it looks awful. Really too bad.

I am praying...

...PRAYING that Limited has potential. If limited sucks as bad as Gridiron Gear may suck, National Treasures is a lost cause. Also, with UDs seemingly endless parade of on card autos, the stickers just dont do it anymore for me. However, after talking to a few shop owners over the weekend, we may have to see some adjustment in High End stuff because they cant sell it anymore. Premier was great in my opinion, but the product is out en masse with no buyers. That is really too bad as well.

I would not be surprised if 5 years from now, there are no remnants of the hobby wax as it is today, but rather a new way of thinking about it altogether. I mean, look at the configuration for Ultimate - I have a feeling that is just the beginning.

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