Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Comment On Value In The Major Sports

I wanted to go over a few different thoughts on the value in the major sports. I mean, between baseball, basketball and football, there are such different things that derive value, its almost comical.

First off, when it comes to Baseball, most of the value of available box pulls comes from the history of the game. Being among the oldest sports available in trading card form, there is ASSLOADS upon ASSLOADS of history when it comes to baseball cards. The most valuable card ever comes from baseball, and there is no autograph involved. In fact, when you bust a baseball product, there is rarely a possibility of pulling a card worth more than 100 bucks of a current player. The top value for current players is pretty easy, in fact, because of this. It goes Pujols, Jeter, and Arod, and if you arent one of those guys you arent worth that much. If your name is anyone from the charter class of the HOF, you are among the Top value guys in baseball's past. The rest of the top guys are mostly Yankees and a few scattered others. Baseball value is all history.

As for Football, the value is mostly in QBs, RBs, and Rookies. With football being the only sport with three competing brands, you can imagine it gets pretty heated and brand focused. The history is not much of a factor, unless you are a recent retiree, or your name is Payton or Unitas. Basically, if you werent the absolute best at your position, or you played a non-skill position, you arent worth too much. Right now, the top value current guys in FB are All Day, Favre, Tomlinson, Roethlisberger, Brady, Manning, and maybe still Reggie Bush. There are also a crop of new RCs that are worth more than $100 every single year. Maybe this is why high end works for BKB and FB, but not baseball. Its kind of interesting that value can be so different for FB than Baseball. Also, the current stars/recent retired stars of worth list is much larger than Baseball. Football is more about now than the past.

Moving on to basketball, its the Jordan, LeBron and Kobe show, and thats it. The rookies arent that much any more, the history is really kind of blah in terms of cards. All the worth stems from those three guys and thats it. Plus, if its not an exquisite card, its STILL not that good. Also, Topps owns the exclusive rights to no one except the third point guard on Denver's D-league team, so im not sure why they are still in the Basketball business. Really, Basketball is quickly becoming a one product sport.

Of course, this is just my perception, but it seems like a lot of other people feel the same way. Plus, Topps is going down the tubes pretty fast, in my opinion, and their products pretty much are Chrome and more Chrome. With the new historical baseball players they signed before the beginning of the season, they may have a way to get back into it as now they own the people that derive the value in baseball. Regardless, their products are still awful and their concepts suck, so everyone loses. Who knows with this crap anymore.

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