Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 Leaf Limited Football

Up for your breaking participation enjoyment are 3 boxes of 2008 Leaf Limited Football (that is a total of 12 autographs or material cards). You can read Gellman's review 2 posts below. Overall it looks like a good product but until I find out what happens with that Threads Baseball box, Donruss is on thin ice with me. Here are the details of the product:

Configuration: 16 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

2008 Leaf Limited NFL has been upgraded with the following case hits. These hits will include TWO of the following per 16-count Master Case or ONE per 8-count Direct Case/Inner Case
Limited Lettermen - the rookie versions are signed
Limited Slideshow - all autographed
Limited Cuts - cut signatures
Limited Prime Pairings - two signatures per card

- 4 Autograph or Memorabilia cards
- 1 Legends
- 1 Phenoms
- 2 Bronze Spotlight
- 1 Silver Spotlight
- 1 Gold Spotlight
- 1 Team Trademarks

And 5 others of the following: Inserts or parallels, Legends, Phenoms, Team Trademarks, Banner Season.

Here are the details for the break:

1) 3 Boxes of 2008 Leaf Limited Football
2) $27 per slot
3) Slot gets you two random teams assigned via video of list
4) Paypal payments to be sent to: (make sure to let me know your handle/blog id and your address)
5) If purchasing more than 1 slot please send as separate payments (this is so I can save time/shipping cost by doing the shipping through paypal)
5) Your name will be added once I receive payment and boxes will be ordered once the break is filled.
6) Break will be video recorded and posted both on youtube and on here with scans of nice pulls posted here.
7) Once again all cards will go out including base cards.

1. Holy Hitter (host)
2. psad21 (paid)
3. groat (paid)
4. voluntarheel (paid)
5. cardboard addiction (paid)
6. houstoncollector (paid)
7. penguin101 (paid)
8. Gellman (paid)
9. psad21 (paid)
10. sonic (paid)
11. sonic (paid)
12. wheeler281 (paid)
13. cardboard addiction (paid)
14. whitesoxcat (paid)
15. groat (paid)
16. wheeler281 (paid)


  1. Just sent money for a spot. I may buy another if it doesn't fill up fast. Thanks!

  2. Just sent payment for a spot. If we're not full by.... let's say the 4th.... I'll buy another slot. Can't wait.

  3. Ditto to psad21. I'll pay for 1 now and 1 later if I need to. Thanks!


  4. I just sent payment. You guys do such a good job at group breaks, I'd be in if you did a High School Musical box break. I have high expectations for Leaf Limited. I hope Donruss doesn't let me down twice in a row. Threads Baseball sucked!

  5. I just send money for a second spot. Thanks!

  6. Just paid for a spot


  7. Let's get this rolling. I just sent payment for spot #2. I'm feeling lucky!

  8. Sent payment for my second spot. Come on, who is going to take that last one?

  9. I just sent another payment. It is cardboard addictions fault. Made me feel I would miss out lol