Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 1

Well, week one is officially over, and the Vikings (of course) lost. For the Vikings fans out there, I want to break down a few points of the game and move on to a tough game next week.


I cant say enough about how badly the Vikings were outcoached. McCarthy layed out a masterful first half after his offense rattled off penalty after penalty, and really, that made a huge difference. All I have to say is that Childress is lucky to have All Day who can make something out of the boring plays he calls. Without Peterson, the Vikings would be the most boring team on the planet thanks to Brad "the Brain." In fact, the Vikings basically scored 19 points off of luck and Peterson to make this game even look close. That was disappointing.

Also, can someone please fucking tell me who told Childress to allow Jackson to throw 35 times? Are you fucking serious? That made me angrier than hell. You send Peterson out there until he cant run, and then you send Taylor to pick up the pieces (if there are any). If both are being stopped, you consider throwing over taking a knee and punting. Its not "Throw, Throw, Throw, Punt" you idiot. I hope that changes next time.


When the Packers were about to score their first touchdown, the Vikings stopped them like eight times before Rodgers finally got it right. Thanks to 3 mindless penalties in a row, the Packers got 7 points instead of 3. What the fuck? I was seriously screaming at the TV.

Fast forward to the deep ball where douchebag extraordinaire Al Harris clobbered Bernard Berrian. It was so blantant a penalty, that I almost couldn’t watch the rest of the drive due to anger. What bullshit. Its almost like the Packers were supposed to win, but im sure bad play from the Purple helped a bit.


The only bright spot for the Vikes (as usual). The 35 yarder in the first quarter made it look like he was going to have a big game with close to 65 yards in the first quarter, but of course, Childress sucks. At least he got his TD.


I didn’t think Jackson played that bad with what he was given. He got a bunch of yards on the ground and basically had the same stats as Rodgers, minus the 35 attempts. He shouldn’t get more than 20 tosses a game, and then he may win some for us. If he continues to be a chucker, forget it.


Can someone tell me where these guys were all game? They let Grant break off a 50 yarder on them, and they didn’t sack a "rookie" QB with a banged up OLine. That is borderline inexcusable. I hope Allen, Edwards, and the Williamses are running laps today.

McKinnie's absence

We need him back - NOW. The pocket was smaller than Childress' brain. He really makes a huge difference, and it was beyond obvious how desparate we are for him. Im serious that players need to ask themselves "what would goodell do?" before making plans for the night. If it is more than watching the Notebook on DVD, they need to reconsider and replan. Thanks No Fun League...

Overall, this game was one the Vikings needed to and should have won. The Colts will be tough, and Im not sure if they will win. The home team could be losing the next two to end up 0-3. That would be a tragic start to what should have been a good year. I am crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen.

Im looking at you, Tjack and The All Day Funky Bunch. You better come to play this week.


  1. The crummy punt coverage killed also cost the Vikings a touchdown.

  2. It wasnt the coverage necessarily, it was more the punter. A line drive kick always has disasterous results. But yes, they should have had him.