Thursday, September 18, 2008

SCU Breaks: Sorry, One More Baseball Break

Okay, I know I said I was done before Holy Hitter took over, but I think this is not going to eat into the budget of the football people around. Hopefully this wont step on his toes. Either way, I absolutely love 2005 Absolute Baseball Update, and I figured that we should do one more Baseball for people out there. The box is suprisingly expensive for 4 hits and 1 auto, but this stuff is chaulk full of GUs/Autos of Ruth, Aaron, Mays, and a whole lot of other sweet pulls. These are some of the most expensive modern cards around.

$17.50 per spot, 15 spots, 2 random teams. Send paypal to and you will be added to the list. I may split the team groups into higher and lower level teams so everyone gets one of each, but Im not sure yet. Ill see what people say. Also, if this fills quickly, ill add another box of spots.

Listen, I know this is buying even more of a lottery ticket than before, but I figured that the baseball people will jump on this, as it was and is one of the most popular baseball products ever (in terms of high end). Plus, when else would you have the money to do this? Besides, for the price of half a minibox of ballpark collection, you can have the chance to get some really nice stuff.

Oh, and if you have a blog, let me know and Ill link you with your purchase.

Absolute Spots:

1. Gellman (HOST)
3. The nennth inning (PAID)
4. Dave (PAID)
5. Dave (PAID)
6. Motherscratcher (PAID)
7. chrome 1_1 (PAID)
8. chrome 1_1 (PAID)
9. CheeseEatingBird (PAID)
10. Dan K (PAID)
11. Dan K (PAID)
12. Gcrl (PAID)
13. Gcrl (PAID)
14. houstoncollector (PAID)
15. Gellman (HOST)

Absolute Baseball Update Stats:

Configuration: 4 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.
Look for (1) Autograph Card, (1) Prime/Jumbo Swatch Game-Used Card, (1) 4+Swatch Game-Used Card, and (1) Game-Used Memorabilia Card per box on average!!


  1. be sure to pay through paypal asap. Ill mark you as paid then.

  2. i just sent it a minute ago.

  3. Alright, I have to try my luck at one of these at least once ...

    Just send Paypal payment for two spots...

  4. Two spots left, I may take one if no one else does.

  5. are we allowed to trade for a team after we do the randomizer?

  6. do whatever your little heart desires.

  7. Confused...I was listed last night, and now I'm not. ??

  8. The post is really fucked up for some reason. I got you dont worry.