Thursday, September 11, 2008

SCU Breaks: Exquisite FB Tonight

Break should be posted around 5:30 PST. Scans will be posted with the video now that my scanner was brought back to life. Sorry to those involved in the baseball break, I wanted to get the pics but my scanner wanted to crawl in a hole and die. My apologies.

Lastly, there are 10 spots left in the Premier break. I will be posting on YouTube tonight to fill it, so if you want in, this is your chance. Send payment to to join.

2008 Premier Football Spots:

1. Gellman (HOST)
2. Enrique (PAID)
3. SpeedLegg (PAID)
4. Ethan (PAID)
5. Ethan (PAID)
6. Alan (PAID)
7. Todd S
8. Todd S
9. Cheese Eating Bird (PAID)
10. Darkship (PAID)
11. Darkship (PAID)
12. Voluntarheel (PAID)
13. Voluntarheel (PAID)

Premier Football Stats

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

- Get 7 Low-Numbered Hits in EVERY Box!
- Pull a Premier Rookie Signature Quad Memorabilia Card numbered to 275 or less in every pack, on average!
- One Premier Stitchings card per pack, on average, featuring unique player-specific woven patches numbered to 30 or less!
- Two Autograph cards numbered to 65 or less per pack, on average!
- One Dual or Triple Patch card numbered to 75 or less per pack, on average!
- Look for unique cut signatures featuring an industry first combination of signatures from top Musical Stars who have performed the Super Bowl Half Time Show with a woven patch!

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