Friday, September 12, 2008

SCU Breaks: 5 Spots Left For Premier

First off, all the cards from all the breaks have gone out as of this morning. If you dont receive them, please let me know. I have tracking on all of them.

Secondly, be sure to check out for more group breaks. Its run by speedlegg, and I know he is really good at stuff like this. I will for sure be participating in the future when my funds are replentished.

Lastly, there are three spots left for next week's Premier break. Its our last before Holy Hitter takes over next month, so get in if you want to. There wont be any for a while after this so dont worry.

2008 Premier Football Spots:

1. Gellman (HOST)
2. Enrique (PAID)
3. SpeedLegg (PAID)
4. Ethan (PAID)
5. Ethan (PAID)
6. Alan (PAID)
7. Darkship (PAID)
8. Darkship (PAID)
9. Cheese Eating Bird (PAID)
10. Voluntarheel (PAID)
11. Voluntarheel (PAID)

Premier Football Stats

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

- Get 7 Low-Numbered Hits in EVERY Box!
- Pull a Premier Rookie Signature Quad Memorabilia Card numbered to 275 or less in every pack, on average!
- One Premier Stitchings card per pack, on average, featuring unique player-specific woven patches numbered to 30 or less!
- Two Autograph cards numbered to 65 or less per pack, on average!
- One Dual or Triple Patch card numbered to 75 or less per pack, on average!
- Look for unique cut signatures featuring an industry first combination of signatures from top Musical Stars who have performed the Super Bowl Half Time Show with a woven patch!

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