Friday, September 19, 2008

SCU Breaks: 2005 Absolute Filled, Box Ordered

Hey guys, one way or another, this break is good to go. Box has been ordered, it will be here on Wednesday with the Premier FB, so we will do a double shot of awesomeness.


Either way the post is majorly fucked right now, so if you got left out, let me know and I will add you in place of my other spot. I think I have everyone though.

So, randomizer vid for both breaks will be up this weekend.

Wow, this is going to be so fucking awesome.

Absolute Spots:

1. Gellman (HOST)
2. The nennth inning (PAID)
3. The nennth inning (PAID)
4. Dave (PAID)
5. Dave (PAID)
6. Motherscratcher (PAID)
7. chrome 1_1 (PAID)
8. chrome 1_1 (PAID)
9. CheeseEatingBird (PAID)
10. Dan K (PAID)
11. Dan K (PAID)
12. Gcrl (PAID)
13. Gcrl (PAID)
14. houstoncollector (PAID)
15. Casey (PAID)


  1. Gellman, I really appreciate the high end breaks you do and the enthusiasm you do them with. Makes it so much more fun. Even breaks I'm not in, I want to watch very badly. All the ones on youtube, it seems as if they could give two fucks on how much money they spent as they fly through shit and just slam it on the table. thanks for the break breathe of fresh air.

  2. Well, you have to remember that I want to bust these too. I really should be thanking you guys for paying what you pay. I wish there was a cheaper way to do it...

  3. I would love to get in on one of these breaks, but there are two things holding me back.

    1) Funds. Duh. I never have any.
    2) No assurance of anything I'd actually want to be honest. If I were allowed to actually pick my team I'd be in there in a heartbeat, but random choice, while totally fair, not my cup of tea.

    All that said, I think it's great you're doing them and Holy Hitter is continuing, so all the best gents.

  4. To be honest, I've been considering doing group breaks of the smaller stuff, but don't have a video camera (which really tends to make it less possible).

  5. It is fun. It's great to be in on stuff I'd never be able to do by myself. I just wish I could get in on all of them.

    Actually, I just got home and came to SCU because I had talked myself into getting another spot. Thankfully it's full. I need to control myself better.

  6. Here is what i am planning to do:

    2 breaks a month.

    1st break will be higher buy in (but lots more hits/higher end product) somewhere in the ranks of 30-60 per slot (2 teams random...yada yada)

    2nd break will be mid-range product ranging from buy in of 10-20 per slot (2 teams random yada yada)