Friday, September 19, 2008

My Yankee Stadium Goodbye

I had this long ass post about how much I hate the Yankees ready to go, but really I am just glad to get rid of this awful plethora of Yankee love that has been choking me since the beginning of the season. Bring on the wrecking balls so I dont have to sit through any more 13 minute epics on sportscenter every hour, and so I dont have to see any more Yankee loads blown all over each time I check the Twins score. There are more important things going on - forget this meaningless bullshit.


  1. ESPN is way more worthless than you think Beckett Media is.

    Good thing I stick to the local Marlins coverage and get my news online, away from all things ESPN.

  2. Oh, I agree, but I cant get TV coverage on my team because I am in a different state. Therefore, I have to use sportscenter. I dont watch anything else.

  3. You should get DirecTV. They have a sports package where you can get all of the local sports channels (including whatever one is in Minnesota) and you can get MLB Extra Innings to watch the Twins and NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the Vikings.

    By the way, the Twins better cut it out with these 9th inning comebacks, and just drop the next three games to the Rays...

  4. Oh I'm SO tired of the Yankees love-fest that's going on, not to mention the fact that across town Shea is going down as well, but yet no one seems to care about that fact. No matter what, it's always all about the Yankees.

    Thank GOD they won't make the playoffs this season, of course now we have to hear all about how they deserved to be in the post-season regardless of their record.

    Oh and Yankee fans are about the worst in baseball behind the Red Sox Nation. I rank them right up there with Notre Dame fans in terms of most obnoxious fans in all of sports.

  5. Will,

    The Yankees have been by far the most successful franchise in baseball during their time in Yankee Stadium. The Stadium has hosted more historic moments and legendary players than any other. You can kinda understand why it's such a big deal, can't you?

    I don't think Yankees fans are all that bad. I always thought that Red Sox fans were worse, but I was proven wrong when I went to Fenway Park last week wearing a Rays hat and jersey and didn't meet one obnoxious fan. They're just bandwagon jumpers.

  6. You'll want to stay away from all ESPNs on Sunday. The mothership is doing a huge pre and post game stuff on the last game and ESPN classic is turning into the YES Network by airing classic Yankee Stadium games. Its all Yanks all the time on Sunday.

    At least there is Sunday night football!

  7. Thank god for SNF. I will be watching that or my Marathon of Office season 1,2, and 3 in prep for season 5 starting soon.

  8. Fielderschoice:

    I'm well aware of what the Yankees have done historically and in Yankee Stadium, and of course they get respect for that. However, the hoopla has gone WAY too over the top for my taste. Sure, it's sad to see one of the oldest parks in the league go down, but in the end, it's just a structure.

    I'm not saying they shouldn't have celebrations and the like, but it's been going on all freaking season, and frankly, it's tiring. ESPECIALLY for people on the other coast who really don't care. When Candlestick Park was razed it wasn't National news. When the Padres left Jack Murphy it wasn't National news. I can only HOPE that Chavez Ravine and the Big A get HALF of the attention that Yankees Stadium has gotten this year when they inevitably are replaced.

  9. see thats the thing, nothing will get this kind of coverage. But here is the thing - the stadium has been a dump since new stadiums were built in like 1950. The players are what made it awesome - not the fucking building. I dont need Yankee Stadium cards/hats/balls/jerseys shoved down my throat more than Yankee stuff already is. Fuck ESPN. Fuck Joe Morgan and his ignorant dumb ass.

  10. Just wondering - will we see the same sort of never-ending blowjob coverage when they tear down Giants Stadium in 2010?

    I agree that Yankee Stadium's legacy is impressive - it has played host to many of the greatest baseball teams, games and players ever - but William is right, it's still just a building in the end. I don't see the need for continuous, live, on-the-spot coverage of an inevitable event.

    For instance, we here in Colorado were sad when they tore down the "real" Mile High Stadium, but we're all Bronco fans - it doesn't matter where they play so long as you support the team. And we didn't need ESPN or Fox Sports to regale us with tales of the good old days to keep our spirits up when they finally dismantled "the House that Elway Built".

    Enough already. Can we just get to the (Yankee-free) playoffs now?