Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Millen" Around The Unemployment Office

Detroit Motor City Kitties fans, your day has finally come. Matt Millen has been fired/canned/drawn and quartered and is no longer the team's GM. What a day for you guys. Even though I am about as much a Lions fan as I am a Yankees fan, I am happy for your loss. Hopefully there will be no more Gosder Cheriluses and awful WRs (not Johnson) to fill out your drafts, but again, I hope Kevin McHale quits the Timberwolves and signs a deal to be the new GM. He would still be an upgrade over Millen.

Does this mean the Lions will be good? (Edited for Mr. Bars.)

I hope not.


  1. Can you say "Contraction?"

    I knew that you could.

  2. "Does this mean the Lions will be good once again?"

    That's a fairly liberal use of the word 'again'.