Monday, September 29, 2008

I Feel Like I Am Dealing With A Bunch Of Twelve Year Olds

Second trade in two weeks, second bad fucking experience.

I trade my LeBron James Auto from the replaced Adrian Peterson card for a Romo Auto Jersey and a Marino Auto jersey over on The guy I am trading with has 87 positive feedback, so I think, no big deal, right? WRONG.

I get my package today and instead of containing the two expensive auto jerseys, I get three two dollar jersey cards of Romo. I am seriously fucking pissed now, and I go over his account a little more fucking closely. Of course the guy has a bunch of huge fucking problems and numerous people complaining about his shipping methods, wrong cards, etc. Fire is coming out of my ears at this point.

Normally on TCC, if you have trading problems you are red flagged. Here, this sack of mummified dog shit was not. FUCK!

I want to kill someone with my bare hands right now by tearing out their brain through their nostrils. Thats how fucking pissed I am. I hope for his sake he better fucking make good. I emailed the site owner and the trading guy, who helped me with the Peterson debacle last week, and hopefully he steps in.

I swear to god if this is some fucking pre-pubescent 12 year old, I am going to fucking sue. It feels like it is. Ebay at least has a loose age policy, from what I can tell, TCC does not.

Ill keep you guys updated. For right now, stay FAR away from


  1. that is terrible and one of the main reasons I am hesitant to trade on sites like those. I have only been trading with people with well-read blogs in the blogosphere and haven't yet dealt with high end cards

  2. That guy has some SERIOUS nerve! I mean, most jack asses just don't send anything. This guy purposely sends 2 crap cards. Why didn't he just send a turd. It wouldn't have been any more brazen.

    PLEASE give this guys name on here so we can avoid. At the very least give his tag name.

  3. wow this guy has some nerves sending you some duds in a trade. Maybe you could threaten him with Mail Fraud(would this count?)and jail his ass(also would scare a 12 year old with jail time)

  4. Hello enjoy your blog you really tell it the way it is!Keep up the good work.

  5. Let me begin by tell you have much I enjoy reading your blog.The internet has become a breeding ground for alot of ass-holes.If I could help you out in anyway drop me a line.(I'm from N.J.)I'm retired and without giving away what I use to do.Lets just say I have a way of finding people.
    Cheers Paul.

  6. That sucks. It's people like that who give the hobby a black eye and scare others away from it.

    Hopefully he just mixed up the mailing and you'll get the correct cards soon.