Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Do You Feel About It?

Every so often, I get cool emails from readers with interesting points. I want to highlight this one, because he was nice and made some great points:


Thank you so much for organizing the group breaks over the last few weeks. They are really cool to see in addition to the ones I see on YouTube. A lot of these products only get busted around the time they are released, so its cool to revisit the ones like NT and Exquisite BB/FB. I would like to join, but unfortunately my funds are limited. Its for a good reason, as my wife just had a baby, so we are spending most of our cash there.

Your blog is unbelievable though, I read it most days before the news. Says a lot dont it? I would read a lot of the other hobby stuff online, but one can only take so many posts on retail blasters and retail packs. Most of the time I just ignore them, and come here for everything. Thank you for focusing on the "second world" as you put it, because the "first world" is more than boring.

Keep up the good work,
Rick [Last Name Omitted For Privacy]

Well guys, I do agree with a lot of what Rick here says. Some products just dont get busted after release. With that, do you guys like the group breaks and want to see more? Are there certain other products you want us to break? Im sure Holy Hitter would love to hear suggestions.

Also, congrats on the rugrat, buddy. Best of luck to you and your new addition.


  1. I really enjoy the group breaks. And I'm not just saying that because I won something.

    It'd be nice to vary the breaks though and not do high end all of the time. That way 9 or 10 people aren't standing out in the cold.

  2. As far as breaks go, I would love to see one every month or so. You definitely don't want to tie up your time with it as it is pretty intensive with the paying/ordering/posting/recording/packing and shipping. Plus, you would fill the spots quicker if the space between was longer. Just my thoughts.

  3. Okay guys I will have a more extensive post introducing myself, etc. coming tomorrow.

    I was thinking of one break a month and while it is football season focusing mostly on football. I know that alienates you baseball fans out there, but I figure come spring it will be more baseball with the season starting, etc.

    Now, I follow baseball but I dont collect it (I bought Allen and Ginter to get cards like Frederick Douglas) and so most of those breaks are going to be determined by what the baseball fans would like to see busted together.

    Football I collect extensively and so in this case I have some ideas of varying busts, etc. However, I will not officially begin until the 2008 Premiere Break has happened.

  4. At this point im not sure if the Premier break is happening. Ill post a youtube video. If I cant get it filled, ill start refunding money.