Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy Hitter: An introduction (short)

Who am I?: A sports card collector since I was 7 years old (first collected 87 Topps Baseball and Football) with a little hiatus from the collecting my first years of college.

What do I collect?: Pretty much exclusively football now. I used to collect Baseball, Basketball, and Football but I have narrowed my scope and within football I mainly collect Minnesota Vikings and some stars (but to be honest I have gotten into selling the "good" cards I get on ebay so I can get Viking cards)

Why am I here?: I will try to throw my thought in every now and then, but mostly I am here to run breaks.

When will my first break be?: I will be looking to do a break the first or second week of October. I am planning on doing a multi-year break of Absolute Memorabilia (One of Gellman's faves) and more than likely will keep it cost effective. I mean we are in tough economic times right? I hope to do a mixture of breaks with almost all of it exclusively being mid-range to high end.

What about the "other" sports fans?: Will I run baseball breaks or other sports if people are interested? Yes. In the off-season of a sport like baseball I will probably run one every other month depending on demand. If people are interested in other sports and their is enough demand I am at your service (although be warned if we bust Hockey I will only know a few names of good people like Sidney Crosby and that Alexi Ove"somethingorother" dude from the Senators-----don't worry I know my baseball and basketball)

Also, if you are a football fan or specifically a Viking fan I write (very sporadically) over at Pacifist Viking


  1. do you plan to do mostly box breaks (as a contrast to packs or cases?

  2. I will be doing box breaks and for the most part it will run in the $19-40 range for a slot that gets a person 2 random teams. There will be a post up later this week to guage interest in either a 2 box Absolute break or a 4 box Absolute break.

  3. I look forward to your input. Welcome aboard!

    Author, Tulo Trader

  4. Welcome Double H. These breaks are a good idea.

    I think maybe a good break would be 5 cases of 88 Donruss. 10 spots. $3 a spot. What do you think?

  5. Motherscratcher-

    I will leave that all up to the baseball people, but I know it would be a bit more than $3 since that might cover