Monday, September 8, 2008

SCU Breaks: 2007 Exquisite RC Signatures

Cards will go out ASAP. Finally, here is the video:

Here are the cards I remember, ill have them scanned tonight:

Frank Thomas Base
Troy Tulowitzki Quad Jersey Auto
John Maine/Joe Smith Dual Auto
Dual Auto Redemption (Cesar and Kelvin Jimenez?)
Kyle Kendrick Auto
Chase Headley Auto


  1. I know it more work for you but any chance you could list the cards and who got them? No You Tube at work!

  2. Looks like Cesar Jimenez is Seattle, and Kelvin is St. Louis.

  3. Here's a list of the winners (as far as I can tell)

    Frank Thomas - Blue Jays
    - Darkphip

    Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
    - Dan K

    John Maine/Joe Smith - Mets
    - Motherscratcher

    Kyle Kendrick - Phillies
    - Sam.Nads

    Chase Headley - Padres
    - Russ

    Cesar (seattle) and Kelvin (Cardinals) Jiminez
    Chrome 1-1 and
    - decided in a cage match in Gellman's basement.

    Let me know if any of those are wrong.

  4. Damn, glad I didn't get into that break, nothing I would want.

  5. After the randomization picker had done its business, Ethan won the card with the Cardinals. Congrats.