Friday, September 12, 2008

Chad Henne is Spelled C-R-E-E-P-Y

Remember when I talked about how Football cards should never show those goofy pictures of players with their helmets off? You do? Great. Do you remember the movie "Underworld" where the protagonist became this hybrid werewolf/vampire? You dont? Oh, well, go check that movie out. Its fucking awesome.

Either way, here is a "hybrid" (helmet on) goofy picture card that takes the creepiness to a whole new level. The reason players should leave their helmets on is to preserve the gladiator feel of what it means to be a football star. Thats why I buy your cards. I dont want to see you at your most vulnerable state - armorless. However Chad Henne takes this to a whole new level. *SHUDDERS*

EDIT: Revolution Style helmets should be banned for looking lame.


  1. No way man. Revolution helmets are bad ass but not on a QB. They look awesome when a RB is trucking over some douche in slow motion though.

  2. The revolution doesn't even look good on Peyton. I liked his older "jaw protecting" facemask....