Monday, September 8, 2008

A Comment On Determining How Many Colors Are On Your Patch Card

Dear Idiots,

This is not a 4 color patch card. It is AT BEST a 3 color patch card, if you insist on counting the fucking sliver of white as a color. Just so you know, you dont count the number of colors by the breaks in the patch. If the colors on the card are Red and Black, but happen to be separated like Zubaz pants, ITS STILL A FUCKING 2 COLOR PATCH. I dont care if it is borderline hypnosis inducing - STILL TWO COLORS.

Also, there is no such thing as an 8 color patch card. No team has that many colors on their jersey, so its not fucking possible. Stop trying to make a case that your multiple 2 color patch card is 8 colors because it has four windows with 2 colors per patch. Fuck you, you are the dumbest piece of shit I have ever met.

Infor-med-ly Yours,

Someone please remove these people's reproductive organs so they cannot procreate.

1 comment:

  1. Eh, 3 colors, 4 colors, who gives a shit. Just having the patch on there instantly makes it a 1/1. :D