Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can We Hunt Idiots For Sport?

Sometimes I trade online because im bored. Sometimes I trade online because I really want a card. Every once in a while I get a deal I can live with, although very rarely does that happen. Of course, when it does happen, I am almost assuredly trading with an idiot. This time was no exception.

It started last week, when someone threw up their Topps Peterson Rookie Premiere Auto for trade. Despite the goofy helmetless look Peterson has, I like the way the auto looks on that particular design. I looked at his scan and the auto was nice, compact, and very bold - exactly what I wanted.

Now, as I viewed the scan, the borders were whited out, which is usually a sign of some problem with them, but the trader advised that there were none. I also noticed that the card in the scan was a little offcenter, but not more than any other card. I wasnt grading it, but sometimes you just want a clean card.

Here is the before scan (cropped to get rid of extra white):


Looks nice, dont it? Its tilted as some scans are, but that was addressed before the trade to make sure I wasnt getting a tilted card.

I agree to the trade and we both send off our cards at the same time. I get excited the day I see it will be in my mailbox when I get home. As I open the package after work that day, my dreams are crushed with an out of ink sharpie. The card is completely different than the picture. Its not even close. Here is what I ended up getting:


Notice the differences in the signature? It almost goes off the card, and it is much less than bold. Its still not *AWFUL* but its pretty close. The worst part of this is not the signature though, its the centering. The card is around 60/40 up and to the right, which is problematic for having a nice card to display.

I was fucking pissed and PMed the trader on the board. I asked for one of my cards back that I had traded or paypal to even out the misrepresentation. Here is what I got back:

"thats a joke, now i am willing to negotiate with you, but as you can tell from the scan the card dosnt have perfect centering. and yes the auto isnt the best but i give the (card of lesser value than the one I requested) back and thats pushing it. to get into details its not like the cards you provided in the trade are perfect either."

No mention of the swapped scan and no mention of what was the actual problem. At this point I send him a long message of why I deserve the money back, and I forward it to the mods on the board. The mods side with me (so far) and tell him to send me the money, cancel the trade, or return the card I requested by friday. He still doesnt get it:

"the problem is me not having a scanner and getting scans from other people. but that puts me in between a rock and a hard place. not you. i can do paypal but it would have 2 wait till friday. also (one of the cards I traded) does have a scratch on the card but since its going into pc i dont mind. i want to keep my perfect rating here so i will do it"

So he is pulling this bullshit with people other than me? He doesnt have a scanner but trades with scans regularly? This is a fucking douche and a half. I forward this to the mods, who say they will put a trading restriction on his account. I cant believe people function like this.

Sadly, this guy has OVER 70 completed postitive transactions, and I had no reason to not trust him. Again, even I get burned still, so just because I crucify the idiots who fall for the old tricks, doesnt mean I dont fall for them either.

Lesson: Dont trade unless you know the guy, and dont trade with people who dont have scanners or cameras. Kill me now.


  1. You would think that if he was forced to trade without a scanner he would disclose that before any negotiations. I would do that because it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO. I have no idea how a decent person thinks it would be OK to do otherwise.

  2. Thats what I was saying. It is HIS responsibility to inform those he trades with that he has no way of posting pictures. I asked my usual questions, and gave him plenty of time to explain. Ethics has no place in this hobby, even for the collectors - obviously.

  3. That is really, really shitty. What a douche bag. I'd trade with you (in a non-idiotic way) if I collected football cards...

  4. Hunting idiots for sport-

    Oh dude, sign me up, ammo's on me

  5. I'm beginning to think that everything on eBay should only be pictured in an actual physical setting, preferably next to a newspaper purchased on the day of the auction's start. And perhaps accompanied by the signature of a certified notary public, just to be on the safe side.

    I've only been burned a little bit by eBay (both buying and selling), and occasionally I could feel it coming and bit anyway. Believe me, your pain is shared. Morons are gradually taking over the world; we're just along for the ride.