Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Addition To Wax Heaven's Video

First, Mario's Video:

My Response - Consider this SCU for beginners:


  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering...have you ever thought of collaborating with other beckett haters and bloggers in making a price guide online that is controlled by people for the people?
    Basically everyone can add the ebay priceing to the site or submit what cards are going for on ebay. The priceing for cards disappear after awhile on ebay so if everyone chips in and marks the priceing down for these cards we could make it happen.
    We all talk about how we hate the shit beckett does so why not just start something fresh and new and try to take them down?
    just my opinon but I really think if there is so much hate out there for beckett something like this wouldnt be a dream but a reality.

  2. Thanks, I would love that.

    One problem though, it would take an assload of time I dont have. I wish that were possible. Maybe if I got paid to do this instead of my real job...

  3. well you wouldnt really have to do it. I mean it could be done by a mass amount of people not just one person.

    Well just a thought you could always pull people together and see what they say and have them ask there friends and blog readers and what not.

  4. Gellman, I've always meant to ask do you feel about the Kelly Blue Book?

  5. The problem with making a price guide online is that with an ever changing market like ebay it would be totally irrelevant.

    To explain. Matt Forte Topps Chrome Rookies would have sold for roughly $20-25 yesterday, but today after his game vs. the Colts they have already shot up to the $55-65 range. To keep up with a fluctuating market would be near impossible. It would only be valuable for those cards not effected by fluctuations in performance like cards in the off-season or not readily listed on the market.

  6. Im not familiar enough with it to comment, sorry.

    Please do share though.

  7. Uh..Blue Book, like the pricing guide for cars.

  8. Is it as bad as Beckett? I dont do much car buying and selling.