Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why is Change In This Hobby Always For The Worse?

In lue of a review for Icons FB and after seeing the abortion that is the product, I want to revisit a few things I have talked about before. It seems that these things are getting to the point where I can no longer look at a product like Icons or most of the other new additions to the wax lineup and not laugh at its stupidity. Now, creating card sets is NOT rocket science and I would think that its something one could become a professional at. So, with all of these professional designers, why is EPIC FAIL attached to just about every release that these people have come up with in the last two years?

Lets run down the list:

Premier: Same stuff over and over and over, no new innovations, value DID NOT HOLD
SP Chirography FB: Price point was the worst in history, autos worth less than the cardboard
SP RC Threads FB and BKB: Could be the ugliest set ever, value did not hold, no one cares about letters when they look like that.
Icons FB: Don’t get me started
SP RC Edition FB and BB: Retro themed sets suck, especially when you can only go back 15 years.
Exquisite Baseball RCs BB: Every second world collector is screaming for exquisite baseball, and this is what we get? Crap.
Topps Triple Threads FB, BB, BKB: could not be more boring, price point is terrible for an auto and a jersey, cards havent changed in 3 years. Easiest way to blow $170 and not even break 5 bucks on the box.
Topps Paradigm FB: The only cool thing about this awful ugly set is the box can be used as a candy dish.
UD Draft Edition FB: Why do we need another set that is just like fucking press poop? Find a better way to get a prospect set out.
Topps Sterling BB: So now I have to pay 350 dollars for one hit and it could be a jersey card?
Topps Letterman BKB and FB: Sticker autos on manufactured letters, nuff said.
Topps Stadium Club BKB, FB, and BB: You take a fan favorite set from back in the day and you uglify it, make it 15 times more expensive, and fill it with worthless autos and jerseys. Good job.
Fleer Ultra FB BKB and BB: So you take once cool product from 10 years ago and add worthless jerseys and autos to hike the price.
Topps Performance FB: Made Adrian Peterson autos that no one cared about, awful looking cards, worthless subsets, and horrible price point. More like paradigm jr. than a new set.
Topps TX fooball: Sticker autos on super bowl ticket stubs? Was it really that hard to get hard signed tickets? Wait, this product costs 200+ per box? Oh my god, the humanity!
UD Elements BB: So, you have three mini boxes per box and we know where the jersey auto is? Stupid. The cards are ugly? Stupid. The checklist is the worst of the worst? Stupid.
UD Spectrum BB: Spectrum of the stars? No. Spectrum of the 80s hair metal back up singers. This added to an awful checklist on ALL rainbow foil cards makes for headaches.
Topps CoSigners BB FB and BKB: Ugly cards, the most worthless dual autos ever, parallels that are unnecessary and hard to understand, this would be the fail of fails except for below.
Topps Moments and Milestones: The dumbest idea since non-autoed manufactured patch and letter cards. 10,000 cards that killed millions of trees for no reason, ugly everything, horrible price point, and single handedly made the 1/1 worthless.

Wow, that is a long fucking list, and I didn’t even think that hard about it!

So, what are we going to do about it? That part is pretty simple to break down, as it is pretty obvious what needs to happen (in no particular order):

1. All second world products need to be tinned. Drop the price and the packs full of base, we don’t care about the crap so forget it. Give us the hits and one other card so we can get our fix and be done with it.

2. No more stupid reasons for parallels unless you are a chrome set made by Topps. "So the only reason for this parallel I just pulled is to put a different serial number on it?" No, not any more. If you are going to give us parallels, see LCM from baseball and FB. Each parallel had a different reason for being a parallel. One was base, one was jersey, one was bat/shoe, one was logo, one was auto jersey, etc. Enough with serial numbered parallels for no reason other than to fill out a set, they piss the fuck out of me.

3. Put the cards in cases for high end products when you pack it out. No more dinged edges and bad corners. Because you paid 500 bucks, they should provide the supplies. It would solve a ton of problems.

4. No more sticker autos when the card is irregular. If you have a sticker auto, it needs to be on cardboard and not a ticket, jersey, or something else. Signa cuts put stickers on blank note cards - that is lazy bullshit. If you cant get the cards made, its your own fault. Plan ahead, it works for more than college homework.

5. NO MORE PRINT PLATES! I hate these things more than anything. They dont matter. They arent 1/1s, im tired of idiots thinking they are rare, every product has them, they are ugly.
6. No more event used pieces of shit. If you cant the jerseys from the league fast enough, then don’t put them in the cards. They are worthless and presents the wrong expectations for new collectors. Its time to put autos on every event used card at the very least, or at least have the player wear the jersey for more than 8 seconds. This isnt bull riding.

7. No more ball cards. I don’t care about game used balls. I care even less about event used balls. I hate balls in general.

8. No more non-autoed manufactured letters. Just don’t. Its beyond stupid and makes you look lazy.

9. If you are going to make a celebrity set, make a celebrity set. Don’t put that crap in my sports stuff. I don’t care about an auto of the understudy from Rent.

10 (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY). Give us a reason to bust your product. Guarantee good hits. Guarantee more A List autos per case. Show us why wax is better than buying a lottery ticket. If you hand pack a product there is no excuse for 20 dollars worth of cards in a 500 per pack product, or even a 100 per box product.

Like I mentioned before, all of this stuff has been said in previous posts, but it needed to be done. With more than half of the football card season to go, I am praying that someone suprises me with greatness. So far, its not looking good.


  1. Nice post. I'm always impressed by your ability to organize your thoughts into a comprehensive, staight forward list.

    I'd also be interested in something similar about sets/products that you like and think are getting it right. I assume it'd probably be a short list.

  2. Yeah, i have posted that before. The list is pretty much every mid-end DLP football product, SPA Football, and National Treasures.
    Exquisite BKB was on there before they gave you two base cards in a pack, and also Topps Chrome FB (not baseball) and Bowman Chrome BB (all) and FB.

    I also love, love, love UD Masterpieces BB and FB too, as those are the only base cards worth buying due to their beauty.

    I have to include UD Baseball and FB as the photography was amazing.

  3. 10 (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY). Give us a reason to bust your product. Guarantee good hits. Guarantee more A List autos per case. Show us why wax is better than buying a lottery ticket. If you hand pack a product there is no excuse for 20 dollars worth of cards in a 500 per pack product, or even a 100 per box product.

    Usually, I agree with you on your rants, but this just doesn't make sense. It'll kill the value of so many A-list players. What I think they could do is entice you with better hits, and more of them. But guaranteeing good hits makes sets a flop. Look at the idiots who buy Sage Squared and Topps Performance; total garbage sets with no value. McFadden/Ryan dual autos which go as low as a fourth of the box's price? LOL WHAT?!

  4. Sadly it's going to take a new card company to do it right. I was hoping that Razor would set a trend in their product, but after speaking with the CEO it's just going to be the same tired crap. We need someone new, someone willing to listen. So in the end yeah we are screwed.

  5. See, I have to disagree with the lowering of value. Topps performance sucked because they had ugly cards with sticker autos and nothing else. If you have a good looking product with good ideas for auto and jersey subsets, I think more A-list stuff will be what we want. Of course, this year's premier FB will be the first test as you get 4 top RC autos and 1 A-lister per case. So time will have to tell on this argument.

    Thanks though, interesting point.

  6. I agree with the over-saturation of jersey cards. It's a shitty world where "relics" in my collection include Freddy Sanchez, Khalil Greene, and Ozzie Guillen. I'm not looking to retire off of any of these, but seriously...

    Now bat cards; I do love them.

  7. What's sad is the companies just don't care.

    They killed Bowman Chrome Baseball this year. Busted a box this week.
    Remember when Bowman was home of the rookie card? I pulled (1) f*^*in' RC. That's right (1)

    Stay tuned for a posted review.

  8. I know alot of people trash non-A list players, especially autograph & relic cards. Since I have a niche collection of University of Houston players, I love the B & C list players too.

    I can understand paying a ton of money for the high end products and being upset about getting an autograph from someone no one has heard of. I wouldn't be too upset if only A-listers were in the high end products as long as there is a place in some product level for the average to below average guy.

  9. Lonestarr was HereAugust 28, 2008 at 5:56 PM

    #3 is G-E-N-I-U-S, and I'm down with most of your list and ability to keep your thoughts focused while ranting angrily.

    But while game used balls and printing plates may not carry much value outside of the superest of superstars (or autographed versions), they are fun and unique, and the hobby would be less fun without them.