Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thank Yous and Pack Breaks

First off, I want to say thank you to Charlie and Stampman who both sent amazing packages for the fun of it. Both packages had awesome cards, Mauers and Petersons included, so thank you very much to both of them!

Secondly, I stopped by the local shop today to bust some Donruss Threads and I came back with cool stuff from 10 packs. Here is what I got:

A nice rookie 1st rounder from USC, Lawrence Jackson /100 RC:

So thats always a good start. Then in the next pack I pulled the first hit from the box, a Fred Taylor 1 color patch card /50. This is definitely a patch, even though it is one color. The card is a fucking brick.

Lastly was a biggie, especially because I have never pulled diddly shit out of this product. I pulled it and immediately wondered if I had pulled something really worth my time as it was /15. I flipped it over, but I was kind of bummed that it wasnt one of the bigger guys from 08. Still, he is one of the better defensive players in the draft and should make an impact right away.

So, a pretty good day.

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