Friday, August 29, 2008

Product Review: 2008 Bowman Sterling Football

So, Bowman Sterling is out today. Normally, I would be pretty excited about a new product, but this set never pleases. I have rarely seen this set produce. Ever. Either way, Topps needed to put one step above chrome, and BEHOLD! We have sterling now. Anyways, lets get to the underwhelming thoughtful review.

The Good

Umm. Yeah. There isnt much good stuff to say about this set. However, the basic layout of the cards is pretty nice. If there was no player, just a template, the template is pretty cool. Its like looking at the insides of a clock or something - that’s the way I feel. However, as with ALL topps high end products, this is about all we got for good stuff. Im serious.

The Bad

Besides the awful stickers which I mention every time, I have no idea what Topps was thinking with the Jersey placement on these. I would have put the Jerseys where the name is, so that it doesn’t look like the whole card is a topple tower.

Im also going to file the entire non-jersey auto set under bad, because the cards are just "ruduckolosly" stupid looking. The poses and the placement, and pretty much everything is bad. Plus, a high end set should not need parallels. That is for crap and non-crap low end products who have to fill out their set.

Also, enough with the recessed auto windows. They look stupid as stupid could ever be. It only calls more attention to the sticker, and we all know how bad that is. I think its funny that of all the companies out there, Topps is the only company not to try on card signatures for anything anymore. The only ones they do are the RP Sigs from base Topps at 1 per jumbo case, and Bowman Chrome baseball. Get on it you dumb bastards.

Lastly, why are the basic non-auto jersey cards considered the rookies of this crapfest? The RC auto jerseys should be the focus, especially as a high end set, and therefore this is an EPIC FAIL. I couldn’t stand the cards with just an event worn piece of shit on it, because they hold no collector value in that respect. Jesus, just make a base card and call it a day.

The Ugly

Again, why are the players pictured without their helmet? Or better yet, why are they posed like they are playing their position? God fucking dammit Topps, don’t you get it? No one wants a card like this, they are fucking stupid. Give me some field shots and I will be happy, but if I get another one of these goofy ass, primped, posed, and pretentious sets again, I will stop even considering you a card company. Maybe you should switch to football glamour shots.

Also, the price of a box of these cards fucking blows. Why is it 200+ for a bunch of no-namers that wont see the field and one or two of these awful looking pieces of shit? Topps, how about you think about creating a set that has good pictures, good autos, a good price, and a nice design, and then we can talk. It seems like every company has managed this so far but you.

Lastly, lets put some first fucking names on the cards. I want a Joe Flacco card, not a Madonna like "FLACCO" card. Its like Mugatu.


Overall, it seems like this year sucks so far for cards. Hopefully once the good sets come out, we can revel in the dark ages that was the first few months of the card year. Fuck me!

Just a reminder: Absolute is less than a week away!!

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