Thursday, August 21, 2008

JDRF Donation Goal Well Underway!

Thanks to all who have helped me raise money for the JDRF walk, things are going beyond awesome.

Right now, after one day, I have reached 68 dollars out of 100, my goal, so that is beyond awesome. I am expecting more donations from some people who said they are waiting for payday on friday, so hopefully we can hit the goal!

Also, if you guys want me to plug something for you after your donation, I will be more than happy to post links or info in exchange for any contribution, no matter how small. To those who have already donated, the offer still stands.

Big thanks to Russell who donated $50.00 to the cause! That is above and beyond! Also, Dave and Will, your donations were also very much appreciated.

Click the button on the right for more info on how to donate...

1 comment:

  1. I see a lot of people with diabetes in my practice. Most people don't realize the damage it can do. I'm happy to help out.