Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cracking The Case!

I wake up this morning and I find a resolution to my paypal claim against the douche who tried to pawn off a graded BGS 8 card on me. As I opened the email, the blood in my veins started to boil as I saw that I had lost. Big time.

Well, all is not lost as I remembered that Dayf, who definitely deserves a link here, told me that someone had posted a pretty good system for cracking these beasts out of their case. I searched the internet for "TribeCards" as that is where he said it was. I followed the step by step instructions of cracking the hell out of the case and "pulling out the prize," and to my suprise, it actually worked! Thank the LAHWD!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the newly freed and wonderful Adrian Peterson Sweet Spot Autograph #8/25 (thanks again to dave from TribeCards):

Its so fucking nice, Im going to keep it.

See people? The lesson here is two fold - dont buy a card unless you are fucking sure that all is what it seems, and that not every card gains value when it is graded, so dont be a fuckhead. In fact, I created this checklist for you before you try it:

Is the card in immaculate condition?
(if yes, proceed down the checklist)
Is the card serial numbered to less than 2?
(if no, proceed below)
Will the card gain significant value if graded?
(if yes, proceed below)
Is the set known for being graded (ie Bowman Chrome)?
(if yes, proceed below)
Is the player worth spending the money to grade?
(if yes, proceed below)
Will this card sell for more than $200 without the grade?
(if no, proceed below)

If, and only if, all questions have been answered correctly, you may consider grading your card. However, I would always reccommend not doing so out of principal.

That is all.


  1. Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, Adrian's free at last!

    Spot on with the grading checklist. Some cards are worth grading. The vast majority are not.

  2. Sometimes I have to shake my head at this grading shit. Modern cards usually aren't worth grading because everybody now knows to take care of their cards. People used to handle them with their hands all the time or put them in bike spokes, not anymore with the price of wax as bad as it is.

    Seriously, it pains me to see that anything below 10/9.5s are deemed practically worthless and treated worse than raw. It is sad the 'hobby' has come to this.

  3. Gellman, this is unrelated, but please share your thoughts on idiot posters and their "steals." I'm sure you've read this on TCC, but here's a link:

    This is more of a request, you don't actually need to put it in your comments. from TCC/SCF, I'm usually your anonymous guy who posts.

  4. Although that thread is completely asinine every single way, I dont post enough on TCC to get involved in that fight. Please feel free to post any links you want though. I have been warned, so be careful.

  5. I have never, ever had a card graded nor have I purchased one that was. In cards though, it doesn't bother me NEARLY as much as having Comic Books or Toys graded. In those hobbies, you basically lose the ability to handle the item tangibly. I suppose you do that with a card too, especially if it's a jersey, but it doesn't matter as much because you can still see the information on the item.

    Sometimes I put my best cards in hard plastic cases for preservation sake. Heck I love those really nifty two inch thick slabs of plastic, but in those cases I'm the one slabbing them, not someone who has arbitrarily placed a grade on the card.

    I wonder, should you send back the little tags that the grading services use so that they can remove those serial numbers from their databases?


    Here is the auction wheeler.

  7. Yeah, I have hundreds of super valuable comic books, and I refuse to grade any of them. What is the point? I am never selling, and then I cant read them.

    All my toys are still in the box, so its pretty much that way anyways.

    I get what you are saying though.

  8. Thanks for the auction. What a total tool!!! He did try to sneak it bye ya. You were nice to him :)
    I would have jacked him up on the feedback! So glad it worked out for ya!! Go Steelers