Monday, August 4, 2008

A Comment On The National, And Who Was There

This weekend, I was reading through some stuff as Liriano was blowing through the Indians lineup, and I came across Beckett's coverage of the national card show in chicago. Funny enough, Beckett's own little miss, Tracy "Commenter Extraordinaire" Hackler, decided that it was his place to mention a few things, some of which were directly pointed at this site it seems. Here is what was written:

"I'm as guilty as anyone at Beckett of letting the vocal minority skew my perception of how we're doing out there...Our Box Busters videos might just be the most popular thing we do on a regular basis. For every one or two of you out there who insist we shouldn't do them (which is simply an absurd suggestion), there's hundreds more who watch – and enjoy – every episode (and they told us as much at the National)."

I think its pretty fucking hilarious that he addresses "the one or two" people that visit this site like the thousands of people who visit their site know who the fuck we are. Secondly, I also love how he mentions that stopping the box busting videos is an "absurd idea," because the people at the national told them they were nice. Well no fucking shit people told him that! I mean would you go up to someone and say, "wow you guys are douchebags" and expect to stick around? Of course not. Plus, of the thousands of people who were at that show, maybe 20 read this site, if im lucky, and they wouldn’t go near your temple of satan anyways. Im guessing he also missed the 56 page thread on his own message board, with a lot of people agreeing with people like me, and Im also guessing he missed the bunch of comments on here and quite a few other sites and forums. I mean 2,000 people have viewed my video on youtube, and close to 20,000 have visited here, so it’s a little more than one or two people, but true, still not even a dent in the actual readership of the magazine put out by the hobby's #1 source on douchebaggery. Im not going to go into a huge tirade about the concept of Beckett continuing to break boxes, just go read this.

I also found it especially hilarious that the tone of this first few sections read like a whiny teenager. In fact, here is how I read it:

Dear Ms. Kitty (My Diary),

Today was so freaking awesome, I mean like, everyone, like, loved us. It was so graboriously kewl that people werent mean like that butt munch who says that we should be popped like an unwanted zit, AS IF!

Yesterday, after I stopped crying about being made fun of on the net, lots of people told me I was awesome to my face. I am so freaking popular, JUST LIKE I WANTED!! That makes all the stuff we do so much more important, because people told me to my face that they loved it! Yes!

Yeah, I know it really isnt that important to the rest of the world, but to me I feel like a princess.

With Love,

Next time, lets hope he doesn’t survey half of the idiot conglomerate for support when he wants justification for his existence. Im guessing some Beckett guide thumping assholes werent the best people to look to when you need a good representation of the hobby.


  1. Gellman,

    I love your site. I own a card shop in Michigan, and I think you should definitely continue to try to get out to more collectors. When I first read your post on Beckett a few weeks ago, I definitely made some changes around the store and people were suprisingly happy about it. You, and Tracy, would be suprised as to how many people feel the same way you do. I know I try to promote your site to most of them, and I have gotten nothing but positive reviews. When I read Tracy's "diary," haha, I immidiately thought of this site, and I was waiting to see if you saw it. Great post, and keep up the great work!!!

  2. Great points once again, Gellman! What Beckett doesn't understand is that it's not the fact that they have video box breaks that pisses people off. It's the fact that they accept free boxes from the card companies that frequently have "once in a lifetime" pulls. If they bought their own boxes like anyone else, I personally would have no problem with their box breaks.

  3. Check out the new Beckett Site.
    It blows!!! HaHa!! What a bunch of hype.

    I can't find squat!!!