Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Comment On Legendary Cuts

As I was perusing TWGM today, I cam across this Babe Ruth cut from 2008 Legendary Cuts. It will be his last Upper Deck card for a long time, and I must say it is not everything it should be. Now, I do realize that they couldnt include pictures based on the new and shitty exclusive Topps contract, but still, this cut and the design of the card is very much lacking in my opinion. Besides, even with the new Topps thing, the players were not pictured on the cards even if they werent part of that. Its really too bad that they couldnt have done a little more with what they had - or at least find a better cut than this awful excuse.

1 comment:

  1. On general principles alone, I won't buy any cards that don't have at least a picture of the person they depict. If I cared that much about autograph collecting, I'd be an autograph collector.

    I collect sports cards, partially because of the designs and photos, but also partially because each card (used to) represent a moment in time that you cannot easily recapture. If they have a piece of jersey or an autograph on them, all the better. But it that's ALL they are without any effort from the card company to make them interesting, I'd rather just buy the actual artifact these items come from.

    It's not like Babe Ruth didn't sign a shitload of items during his lifetime.