Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Comment On DNA Relics

Dear UD and Topps,

I am really, REALLY, confused as to why hair relics are being included in sports cards. Yes, I know they are actual pieces of those people that they are advertised as, but unless I am making a clone, I dont see a purpose in this stuff. Cut autos, despite destroying historical documents, are cool, and SHOULD bring a lot of money. However, when it comes to cut hair, lets get serious - this is borderline gross. I have long said that "body used" blood samples are the next thing to include in player relics, but this is getting a little too close for comfort. Lets stick with cut sigs and suit relics from presidents, and cut sigs and jersey pieces from old timey players. That would be MORE than enough for me.

Now, I do understand that there is quite a market for hair collectors, but I think that combining that hobby with sports card collecting is going a little far. I mean, what did you guys have to go through to get this stuff? Either way, lets get some fresh blood in the card market, no pun intended, but stay away from bodily functions, excrement, and all naturally related pieces of a figure from the past.



  1. What about teeth from a real skull? I'd buy that card.

    I've said this before but DNA relics cannot go away until they produce a semen stain card of John Holmes.

  2. 1/1!!! Semen!!! it really is because each sperm is different.