Friday, August 22, 2008

Box Break: Topps Chrome Football

Taking a break from the JDRF blog-a-thon, I got an early wedding present from my best friend, who gave me a box of Chrome football out of his case. I must say it was really fun to open, and I had a pretty good box. Here are the stars of the break:

First, I pulled just about all the big RCs except for Ryan and Stewart. That was great. I also pulled two JD Bootys and a Tyrell Johnson, so that was also a nice thing to add to my collection. When it comes to the base RCs, the best ones you pull are always the ones in perfect condition. Luckily, Felix Jones was one of those. I was very careful in putting into the sleeve, and hopefully he will be good enough someday that this will be a good one to sell.

Second, Chrome is all about the refractors, and mine were both awesome and fucking awful at the same time. My box hit copper refractor was Jeff "TO Thinks Im Gay" Garcia, and I just about puked. My box loader gold refractor was LenDale White /199, but it wasn’t a total loss as I bought the JD Booty for 5 bucks. So im okay with big LW for my topper. The base refractors were some of the best you can get, and that was huge. In the second pack I pulled a Darren McFadden, and it is pristine! Love it. In the fourth pack I pulled Colt Brennan, who I hate, but people love, so that was good too. As for the others, aside from Roethlisberger and Romo, who will go for 2 bucks each, I got Phil Merling and Tracy Porter as my other RC Refractors.

Lastly, I got two autos in the box, which was awesome. What made it awesome-er was that neither were redemptions! I pulled Dan Morgan first, which was kind of a let down, and then Earl Bennett for the Bears who is a division rival. Could have been better, could have been worse. At least Bennett was an RC premiere guy.

Thanks to Jeff for the box, and let me know if you need any of this.

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