Monday, August 18, 2008

Autograph Seekers: SCU Needs Your Help

Listen, I know this is a huge and unlikely request, but I need a favor from one amazingly nice person.

Adrian Peterson sometimes will sign at shows during the off season and maybe once or twice during the preseason/regular season. He will also sign sometimes if you can catch him at the team hotel before or after game day. If you know of a way to get his autograph, please email me because there is nothing more that I would want other than to get this amazing card signed.

I will pay all fees plus a nice amount for the trouble if you have a way.

Let me know via the email link at the top right. Thanks in advance.


  1. Is that card even released yet? I thought Masterpieces didn't come out until Oct. Sorry I don't have any clues as to how to get it auto'ed. Maybe mail it to the Stadium with his name on it? Good luck though

  2. Ah, the timing! AP just signed at a CSA show in VA this summer that I went to. I'll let you know the next time he's around. For a new guy, he's been around a lot during the offseason.

    Great looking card.

  3. I've always found that the BEST place to get autographs from sports stars is at pre-season camps. I used to go to Chargers training camp in the 90's and was able to amass a nice collection of pretty much the entire team, except for Stan Humphries who was a dick.

    That's what I would suggest, get someone to go to Vikings camp while it's still going and see if they can't get the card autoed.

    Your other option is to wait until he appears at a show.

    OR you could always send it with a SASE to the team and see if he'll sign it and send it back. With a nice handwritten letter a lot of players will do this these days.