Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Stupid Trend I Could Do Without

With Goudey baseball, we now have ANOTHER set with a subset containing presidents and other political personalities from US history. Why? Why God Why? Please, explain to me why every set has to have some sort of presidential connection? Its almost as bad as the celebrity trends that have polluted the sports focused sets.

First we have Allen and Ginter, although historically, this set was focused as much on important people as it was sports players. Based on that success, we then have a plethora of other sets that have presidential chases and subsets like Premier, Triple Threads, Signs of History, Razor Cut signatures, among others. Its getting fucking "Redekcolus" that we cant have a baseball set without some sort of non-sport connection anymore. Its really confusing to me as to why manufacturers continue to fill out their sets with these cards instead of just producing a better sports themed set. Looking back, we never had to have bullshit like this. The chases were sports themed, and the SPs did not play guitar. It was better that way.

Here is a suggestion, a simple one: fill out the fucking sets with better sports stuff. That way you wont have to worry about the competitors. No one can compete with a well put together sports set, its the one thing that any collector would happily buy. From now on, I will automatically assume your set came up short if you resort to non-sport subsets.

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