Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will Someone Please Buy This For Me?

Because this auction for the complete set of Minnesota Twins bobbleheads is fucking amazing. Most of them are personally autographed by the players, and Ill tell you they look great. That Mauer one is awesome by itself, but check out the Puckett, Hunter, Carew, Molitor and Killebrew too. I want to tell this guy who is selling it that he is the iron man of the bobblehead collecting world, as this must have been tough, considering how long I had to wait to get the Mauer and Morneau that I have.

The $750+ in paypal can be sent to SportsCardsUncensored@gmail.com, thanks in advance!*

*Please do not send the actual money. I am joking. Not that anyone would, so I dont know why I am typing this.


  1. Dang uppity bloggers begging for money!!! ;)

    I don't have the scratch for the Twins bobbleheads, but I have a Tony Kukoc bobblehead iun a Hawks uniform if you're interested...

  2. Man, I'm glad I read that "*" because I almost sent you enough to buy TWO sets!