Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tales From TWGM 3: The Return of The King

From time to time, I like to peruse the high price listings of the card section of TWGM just so I can find comedic hobby gold. I warn you, stupidity is to follow. I dont even think the guys who sell this stuff are Coe Jollectors because they seem to be even dumberererer than that. Either way, I bring you...

*cue ominous music*


First, I think this may be the coolest Tom Brady item I have ever seen. Not only do you get BOTH printing plates from a little known set from 2000, but you also are spending the price of a used Subaru Forester! Personally, I would rather have the cards, as Subaru Foresters are usually driven by 40 something women who want to reclaim their youth. In all seriousness, this guy should get them graded, they may become even MORE valuable.

Next we have this amazing Peyton Manning card. I think the guy wants $9,000 for it because it is numbered 16/2000 - his "collage" jersey number. You cant beat that. A card numbered to eleventy billion, ANNNNND its graded SGC 92. YESSSSSS! Too bad its not numbered 99/2000, because 9+9=18 - his "profossinel" jersey number!! Also, no best offer on this, so forget your lowball offer of $8999.95.

Lastly, we have this auction for the auto version of the Hank Aaron piece of history bat card from Upper deck. First off, I cannot believe how popular these cards are, as I have counted at least fifteen people alone on the IBMB who collect this set. The cards go for mega bucks, despite the fact that most only have bat pieces. BAT PIECES. I have written numerous times on the absurdity of including bat pieces in a card specific to a certain player, but I guess, the people didnt listen. If it was jersey, I would be a little more okay with the price. Either way, the cards do look nice, and the price is high, but not crazy-go-nuts high, so I guess I should take notice.


  1. I hit a hidden goldmine when I bought a case of Skybox Dominion football when it was Brady's rookie year. Opened 2 boxes for a set. Pulled 3 of the Silver Foil Extras with Brady. Sold 2 last year for 50 bucks a pop. Sold each box for 90 bucks a pop. 12 box case cost 250 dollars. 10 boxes and 2 cards got me $2,600+. I Heart Joe Collectors.

  2. This question is a bit off topic but the SGC 92 card in the post reminded me of my weekend venture. Being back in the hobby after a long hiatus, I would appreciate the feedback.

    What's your opinion on Press Plates? They seem a bit overrated to me, but they generate a high bit of demand.

    Case in point, I was at a card show this weekend and a guy had two 1/1 printing plates: a 2007 UD Masterpieces Ripken/Gwynn Dual Card and a 2007 Topps Finest Walter Payton. Being a Payton fan, I asked him how much for it, thinking I would go as high as possibly $60--nope, he wanted $250 for the Payton one and $600 for the Ripken/Gwynn. That seems ludicrous to me, considering the guy next to him had the nicest Jordan Rookie I have ever seen in person (SGC 92, 8.5) for $500.

    Do these printing plates have some latent appeal that I am missing--or would a rational collector these days rather have this Ripken over a high end Jordan rookie?


  3. Damn maybe I should sell my press pass Brady rookie autographs. Might be worth a new car?