Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Review: 2008 Football Heroes

I dont really know much about this product, and really its not that interesting to me, but it is live, so Ill give you some quick impressions of it.

First off, the RCs are all in their college jerseys, AGAIN, but honestly, that is offset by the on card sigs. The only problem I have here is that this SHOULD be a veteran based set. There should not be RCs in this. Too bad they couldnt have replaced the RC sigs with a set based on the Montana auto from 1991 football.

If you remember, these were insert cards over the years from different UD products, and some of them were really cool. Does that mean they should get a whole set? No. I like the style of these for an insert auto set in a bigger product, but not as a stand alone, especially when all the RC products post Classics should have RCs in NFL jerseys.

Lastly, they have these painting cards as a subset that look pretty cool and they probably have some cuts too. Overall, ill wait for Premier because that is the first big set of the year, as it seems.

There is one thing I do want to say, and maybe Gregg can touch on this when I talk to him later, but it seems like UD products are really getting stale outside of Premier, SPA and Exquisite. Granted, you dont need much more than that, as those are your bread and butter, but UD could really use some cool stuff. Icons, Rookie Threads, and even Premier are not enough for us to make it through the drab beginnings of the football card year until SPA and Exquisite hit shelves. At least we have LCM, Grid Gear, and Limited to pass the time.


  1. I always liked those Football Hero inserts, and had complete sets (sans the autos, those were TOUGH pulls) of the first several issues. I remember the header cards being the toughest to pull.

    I don't have an issue with a One-Off set for this as a tribute, but if they make it an annual set, that's just lame.

  2. What is lamest about this product that will keep me from buying it as packs/boxes is the fact that some of the autos/memorabilia cards you could get are "Guitar Heroes" or "Sports Heroes" from other sports. If I am going to buy a football product I want my "hits" to be guaranteed to be football players not some gimmick I don't care about at all.