Friday, July 11, 2008

New World Series Logo? Who Hires These People?

I was reading about Justin Morneau's 5 for 5 day yesterday, when I caught a logo out of the corner of my eye. If this is the new world series logo, I hope this is the last time they use it. Its all warm happy colors and not the cool serious colors it was before. Personally, I dont really like it because its just not what I expect from a logo like that. It looks like it belongs on canned vegetables or a box of bread crumbs or something, not the MLB super bowl. I didnt really think too much of the old logo either, it was too computery and weak.

Lets go back to some of the old ones and revisit my favorites. I have a certain affinity for logos and I think these were some of the better ones.

2003 World Series: 100th Anniversary

I love this logo, mainly because its just a great majestic piece of coolness. It has lots of majesty with the sun burst and pays tribute to the old timey coppertone days with older style lettering and bronze background. I would be proud of this baby, if I were the father. Plus, the baby blue looked pretty good as a logo color mainly due to the dark colors of most of the teams that year.

2001 World Series: The Future Is Now

This logo is the best in recent memory. I love this logo when it comes to the new world series style. Its futuristic, but not awful. For some reason, I love the color scheme, and it looked really good on the navy hats. It kinda gave me a Back to the Future II geek out with the way the lettering is curved - kind like it was the hologram from the movie. It is a rotating logo of futuristic greatness.

1996 World Series: Moving Away From The Status Quo

This logo is one of the first ones that they started to move away from the red and green color scheme. I think it looks awesome, with the script lettering and the homage to the older logo with the diamond shape. You can tell this was one still drawn on paper before it was transferred, as a lot of this graphic style seems like it was hand drawn. Its still very "baseball logo esque" with the "s" looping around to make the underline. Overall very nice.

1991 World Series: Last of The Old

This style logo was the standard for a number of years, and really wasnt broke, so im not sure why they needed to fix it. I like the green diamond and the white script lettering. It was what you expected and you were happy to see it on the field. I went to 2 games of this series and the logo was everywhere. You know what? It fit. Too bad the people now have to change things yearly.

Okay, I know this was a weird post, but I thought it needed to be addressed. Sorry if you were bored. Back to your regularly scheduled ranting.


  1. Wow, 2 games in the 91 series. In the discussion for the best World Series ever played. I'm jealous. Were you at the Jack Morris 10 inning game?

  2. I went to game 6 - my stub is auto'ed by Puckett, and game 2. Best baseball experience of my life. I sat three or four rows behind where Puckett's home run landed.

  3. Sorry man but it was broke. The '91 one was boring and very plain. It would never fly 10 years ago let alone today.

  4. The MLB super bowl? No way ... the World Series is so much better in so many ways than the Super Bowl. Plus it's 64 years older. The Super Bowl can never achieve the greatness of the World Series for me, though I realize that for the vast majority of Americans (most of whom are not sports fans) it already has surpassed it.

  5. Maybe you should do a post on All-Star logos.