Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mad Money With Topps Basketball

We all know those collectors whose sole purpose is to make money in the hobby. I hate those guys, go buy some fucking stocks and bonds...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can now pull a rip card from this product that contains actual money. I guess this was the next best idea other than actually securing good exclusive contracts. They are also going to continue the inclusion of gold plated cards and other gold relics in the products too, which makes sense because there is no way anyone should bust Topps basketball without some sort of monetary chase card.

Seriously though, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Gold, Money, and other monetary shit being inserted in products? What is the point (other than trying to offset a lack of LBJ, MJ, and Kobe in their products)? We throw down our money because we want cool cards with even cooler chase cards. Not chase cards that have more money in them. What is next? "Now you can pull a stock certificate for Disney when you buy Topps!" They will call it "Private Stock!"

Please kill me now.


  1. Having actual cash as a prize seems to me to be a lottery, which we all know is illegal. Which is why they have to print on their packages "cards are of indeterminate value".

    Having money in rip cards is fucking stupid. This product is everything that is wrong with the industry in one fell swoop. Congratulations Topps for fucking stupidest product ever.

  2. Topps inserted $100 bills in boxes of 2005 Pack Wars [baseball].