Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Was Misinformed, But This Is Twice As Stupid

So the LA times posted the wrong rosters yesterday. But, I would much rather have those rosters than the new pieces of crap.

The reason I am so shocked is because Jason Varitek has been named as a reserve. Jason Varitek, the guy who is putting up .219AVG, 7HR, 27RBI, .289SLG, .661OPS. You have got to be fucking kidding me. He should be disqualified. Maybe he will get injured and someone who actually deserves it will be named instead of the stupid ones usually voted in by the idiot fans.

From Real Sports Blog:

Jason Varitek is the most recent All-Star to make our list. The Red Sox catcher entered Monday night's game hitting just .219, in the midst of a terrible 12-for-92 (.130) slump and had more strikeouts (70) than hits (53). Varitek was selected to the team by other players, something that slightly embarrassed him, even though he says, “Cut out the last three weeks and I’d be OK.” Not quite. 'Tek is just 15-for-113 with 38 strikeouts since May 21, and as of Sunday night, over the same length of schedule and assuming a minimum of 100 plate appearances, San Francisco Giants shortstop Omar Vizquel was the only major leaguer who had hit for a lower average (.108) than Varitek (.133).


  1. Um, YOU are the idiot...Varitek was voted in by the players - not the fans!...who obviously can see past his slump/current batting average and see the big picture as far as what kind of player he is.

  2. No suprise here. The Chowds believe anyone that is a starter for their team should be in the All Star game and why not... especiallly if it gets them into Yankee Stadium. Then those fans from the armpit of the country can brag about whose house that is under 1200 is better while throwing $10 beers at each other.


  3. Ok, this has to be the dumbest comment ever posted on this blog. First off, I never said he was voted in by the fans, reserves are not determined by fan voting. Secondly, he is having an awful season regardless of his slump, and last time I checked that is what should determine the players, not your asinine assessment of being a good player in the "big picture."