Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Look: 2008 Topps Sterling

Well, here we go ladies and gents, the best baseball product of the year is up.

350 dollars a box this year for the same stuff as last year. The checklist is huge, and features most of the guys from the new legends deal that Topps has. Kinda sucks that the price has gone up to compensate, but it looks like the current guys have been removed and replaced with the likes of Lou Gherig and an ominous TBD where Babe Ruth will go.

I love this product, only because it is really the only true high end baseball product out there that seems cool to open. Without the current players it seems like it will be EVEN MORE fun as now you can pull some huge fucking hits, including the 1/1 jumbo letters, swatches, etc from last year. This is going to rock.

Here is the checklist (pictures when I have the sell sheet in hand):

Ernie Banks
Johnny Bench
Yogi Berra
George Brett
Roy Campanella
Roberto Clemente
Ty Cobb
Joe DiMaggio
Whitey Ford
Jimmie Foxx
Lou Gehrig
Bob Gibson
Tony Gwynn
Rogers Hornsby
Reggie Jackson
Harmon Killebrew
Mickey Mantle
Roger Maris
Don Mattingly
Paul Molitor
Thurman Munson
Eddie Murray
Stan Musial
Mel Ott
Jim Palmer
Cal Ripken
Frank Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Nolan Ryan
Ryne Sandberg
Mike Schmidt
Tom Seaver
Duke Snider
Honus Wagner
Ted Williams
Carl Yastrzemski
Robin Yount


  1. I'd rather take that $350 to the "gentleman's" club across the street.

    I'll still be wasting my money but I'll be a lot more satisfied.

  2. So you would rather leave with a woody thats raw with Jean scrapings rather than a cool card? I wouldnt be satisfied with that. Then again, I would never spend 350 on stuff like this, Id rather bust natty treasures.

  3. I was leery about trying a box last year for $250. I've gotta beleive this is gonna bomb for $350a box. The only players on that list that are going to command any market value are:

    J Robinson
    & Ruth

    So basically, you have about a 65% chance of completely flushing your $350 down the crapper.

    Look on TWGM for 2007 boxes. You can get a Tony Gwynn box for $100!!

    The sick part is that for $250 last year or $350 this year, you're not even guaranteed an auto.

    There was a box at my local hobby earlier this year that I was contemplating forever. A guy finally bought it, busted it, and got a Yaz box with a white suede mystery pack card. And the Yaz card was not even an auto. He got back about $40 out of his $250 by selling that card.

    No thank you. Actually for $350, no fucking goddamn way in the puss spewing blood gutted hell thank you.

  4. Gellman you say that like there's a difference between the two.

  5. I didn't know what sterling was until I read your post. Then I watched a few breaks on youtube. I've gotta say that the cards are awesome and I want a box (or better yet a case) in the worst way. I can't see where it's worth it, though.

    You get 5 cards in a box for $350. That means that the average card right now should average out to $70 value, right? From what I can gather on ebay there's not a chance in hell that last years sterling averages out to the $50 value that it should be. Hell, most lots of 3 base cards are $2 plus shipping.

    There's just no chance in hell that the cards you pull are going to be worth what you paid. It makes it hard to feel good about it afterword, even if you pull a great card.

    It's like screwing you cousin. It may have felt good but when it's over you know you shouldn't have and wish you could take it back. I've been told.

    I don't know. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.

  6. Hey at least you get a classy wooden box in exchange for getting raped!

    I'm in the camp that if one is going to buy wax, try to go with products that are *relatively* low risk (cheaper) and more level odds of breaking even/potentially coming out ahead. This pretty much only means Bowman Chrome and Draft Picks.

    Would never spend the dough (even if I had it) on Exquisite, NT, Sterling, The Cup or even mid-end stuff like SP/Legendary Crap/etc. Way too risky to get crap/no-namers autos/patches/jerseys when there is little chance of getting even a fraction of return back. Better to just buy the singles of the high-end you want off TWGM.

  7. Wait....My Cousin is HOT

  8. ok so where is everyone getting this $350 a box from. I paid $245 last year for one, this year its going for $225(my local shop) down to $215(ebay buy it now).