Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally, Your Patience Has Paid Off

If you were stupid and bought a shitload of Press Poop, SAGE, or Draft edition, then I have nothing to say to you.

If you waited patiently for Donruss classics, where the NFL rookies are IN their NFL unis with NO AIRBRUSHED BULLSHIT, then your wait is finally over! THANK THE CARD GODS!

Full product review coming tomorrow.



  1. The Donruss Classics frenzy is well underway over at TWGM. Gotta love it when you see a Colt Brennan auto (did he even get drafted) going for $41 with 17 hours left and a guy/monster like Vernon Ghoulston's auto going for $2 with equal time on the clock.

  2. I LIKE football players in their college uniforms. I really only watch college football, not NFL. That's why I like Press Pass.

  3. why not buy something that actually holds value...

  4. I'm not much for monetary value. I believe you yourself once wrote that you should collect the cards that are worth the most 'to you.' Kind of how you once had that failed transaction over two cards you and the other guy both really wanted, but he renegged because he thought he wasn't getting his monetary book value for the trade.

    I use sports cards to enhance my own sports viewing, not to make chump change I fool myself into thinking I can pay the rent with.