Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Cant Be Kosher...

So I am perusing TWGM and I come across this glorious display of DLP prowess, only to gasp horrifically when I see who is selling it.

Now, I know that the hobby's #1 source on douchebaggery (tm) does consignment auctions all the time, and that disgusts me to no end. But, to think that someone let Beckett get their grubby fucking fingers on this messiah of dual autos is kind of gross. Of course, that is not the reason that I am writing this post. I am writing this because of what was put in the auction's description, or that Beckett took upon themselves to label the auction as a card not pulled by them. When it gets to the point where you need to assert that fact, its time to stop busting fucking boxes on video, you soulless shitheads. Personally, I would love this card, but I would never put a fucking penny on an auction from these guys.

All wild accusations aside, since when does a magazine with a vested interest in any industry run eBay auctions? Does MacWorld sell people's Macs on the side? Does Gamepro sell rare videogames? Does Wizard, the Beckett equivelant of Comic Books, sell people's Spidey comics for them? No. No. NO.

Beckett makes this hobby a shitty, shitty place, and I hope they go down in flames one of these days. They are already on their way out, but I still see new threads posted on the place where the inmates have overrun the asylum asking what the book value of their MOJO CARD is.

For Beckett, karma is a wicked bitch, and I have a feeling she will be getting that time of the month some day soon for these assmunchers. Then we shall see who is laughing.


  1. Uh..actually Wizard DOES sell comics, and they got busted BIG TIME for having advance knowledge of Captain America's death and horded a bunch of that issue - selling them on eBay the same week after stores sold out for big bucks.

    It's not right, this is where the Federal Government needs to get involved, this is a clear conflict of interest.

  2. These same assbags are selling a Dawson press plate right now. And of course being the douchebags that they are, they graded it. An 8.5 no less. So, instead of finally having a printing plate to add to my collection, it will end up going to some Joe Collector asshat for an astronomical sum.

    When the fuck will they get the message that we don't want them around??

  3. Here is my bigger issue and it is with Donruss. If you look at the card next to the patch it says "Authentic" on one side and "Game-Worn Prime Jersey" on the other side.

    That I like. What I don't like is the issue I brought up to you Gellman the other week about the Marino Throw Back Threads auto. Both the jersey and the prime-jersey auto cards are serial numbered #/5.....which would be fine if they had put the designation that they did on the dual auto jersey cards...but they didn't. Leading only to confusion and possible idiotic overpricing by some thinking it is the prime on the secondary market...and at worst possible forgery of "fake" patch cards on the other hand (although Donruss did write me and say that they have their traceless system and the prime jersey cards of thicker...both which are true and valid, but they failed to address my issue of not having what they did for the duals on the card and serial numbering both issues out of #/5)....

    Why did Donruss put that on the Duals but not the individual ones..........

  4. Will, sorry, my bad, totally forgot about that wizard thing.

    I dont think the government needs to get involved, but I do think the hobby needs to police itself.