Friday, June 20, 2008

First Look: 2008 Leaf Certified Materials


I am pumped as all hell for this product, just rockin out. LCM was great last year and I can see that things will be nice this year too. The card design looks pretty awesome and the freshman fabrics look like they could be ridiculously cool cards.

The one problem I see is that it is a possibility that the 1/1 mirror black cards may not be auto'ed like in previous years. That would suck, because without the auto, its just an "event used" piece of shit. Either way, these cards should be pretty cool as some of the first with the RCs in their NFL jerseys, and the first material cards for the year.

Overall, color me excited.


  1. When does LCM come out? I was thinking after Threads...or has Threads already come out and I'm just clueless?

  2. Why is the Brett Favre card desaturated? It's not like he played 50 years ago.