Monday, June 23, 2008

Finders Fee For This Card

If you find this card for me somewhere that I can buy or trade for it, you will receive my gratitude along with a bunch of freebie jerseys and autos.

It is out of 05 Artifacts, numbered /10. Must be the auto version. Cant think of a better place to advertise this.

Also, geomon, your prize will be out soon, havent been able to get to the post office. Sorry about that man.


  1. No rush. I'm not going anywhere.

  2. I am checking with my card shop.....I will let you know if he has got it.

  3. Wow, you sure you don't want Carlos Gomez two circles/sig?

    I will keep my eye open for you. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the help, I thought it would surface on TWGM, but no luck.

  5. it doesn't have that particular card. Sorry. Will keep my eye out though.