Thursday, June 5, 2008

100th Post: Adrian Peterson Has Explosions In His Shoelaces

Because I am a transplanted Minnesotan living in LA, its tough to be a Twins and Vikings fan because none of the teams are broadcast on TV. This year was special, however. As a birthday present from my parents, I got the MLB package on my digital cable so I can watch all the glorius wonderment that are the 2008 Twins games. This includes the games this week where Mauer hit two Morneau sized home runs into the right field upper deck. Fucking blasts and a half.

Clip? We got a clip?....

....okay, no clip. Stupid YouTube rules.

Funny enough, I find myself enjoying the commercials more and more each day because they remind me of home, and because some of them are PURE GOLD.

Here is one from the All Day Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament(follow link - cant embed).

Three things I want people to recognize from this classic piece of American Advertising:

1) Looking at that swing, All Day sucks at golf. Bad. I would want to go to the tournament just to watch him shank wormburners all over the course for 18 holes.

2) The Vikings Mascot had no business walking on the range while someone is hitting. It his own fault he got hit (Or maybe its the weak armed intern who tried to throw that golf ball at him).

3) All Day has explosions in his shoelaces. No wonder he can blow past defenders with the greatest of ease!

I cant wait for football this year, its going to be a "blast." Pun intended.

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