Friday, May 23, 2008

Thanks to This Video, I Am Now Hearing Impaired

Ugh, another one of these wonderful displays of box breaking. Just for fun, check out 1:56 in the video. That guy's look says it all. Everyone is going nuts, but you know the product is as good as Topps Total. WA-OW!


  1. I don't know if my comment went through or not but I absolutely loathe everything about the Rip Master.

  2. Are you kidding? The guy is the rip MASTER! In fact, I am a Rip Master supercollector. I have his finest auto displayed IN FRONT of my Peterson Exquisite Auto.

    Of course, my name is Alan Jr., and I love my dad.


  3. This is the third Topps TV rip I've seen where there are not any "big pulls". If they're busting a whole case, shouldn't there be a case hit ??

    By the way Gellman, it's a pain in the ass to leave a comment on your blog :)

  4. This way, I know if you take the time to leave one, you really want to say it!

    Really, I dont think there is supposed to be a case hit, unless you work for Beckett.

  5. 3:52..."jersey card! Matt Forte!" (i.e. 0.99 on the market wooo). And why do the cheer for the Booty base card?

    I searched this girl on google and find out she's a former playmate. What a downgrade...

  6. It may be a downgrade for her but it's definitely an upgrade for the guys in the shop.

  7. Is it a pre-requiste for shop owners to be short and fat.

    I had a quick visual of The Simpson's card shop owner jump into mind.