Thursday, May 22, 2008

Money For Nothing = Chicks For Free

Is your wallet a little lighter than you would want it to be right now? Worried that when the real NFL cards come out in a month that you wont be able to spill all your cheese on cards? Im with you. So, with that, I wanted to give you some little hints on some guys to collect this year that arent named Ryan or McFadden. Most of them will be pretty cheap come july, and may not be in december. Dont buy now because all the stuff out there is crap other than Prestige (the best of the worst), wait for Classics and Threads which will come soon enough.

1. Felix Jones - RB - Cowboys


This guy is already at the middle of the pack (in terms of price) for RCs this year but he is the best middle of the pack-er out there. He is on an amazing team, will get good playing time, and wont have to carry the load all by himself thanks to Barber. Im guessing he will outrush McFadden, and shouldnt have a problem scoring TDs from what I saw at Arkansas. Sometimes it pays to be in someone's shadow. The best thing about this guy? Best auto of the 2008 class, its completely readable and looks like he actually cares (im looking at you Mendenhall, you careless douche).

2. Devin Thomas - WR - Redskins


This guy was the best WR in the draft and he aint gettin much love like most of his WR bretheren. He will put up good numbers this year if he gets the PT and should be the Dwayne Bowe of 2008. If he doesnt start for the first part of the year, dont worry, he will. Jason Campbell is a mid-level QB only because he lacks experience, but with Santana Moss and Clinton Portis drawing defenses away from Thomas, expect big things.

3. Chris Long - DE - Rams


Get 'em while you can. DEs and other DLs never get many autos in products. They have RC stuff and thats pretty much it. See Kevin Williams, Dwight Freeney and Julius Peppers if you dont believe me. Long should be great, and I mean "oh my god" great, so dont hesitate to pick his stuff up. Whats stupid is that he couldnt make the premiere so his stuff will probably be redemptions. Either way, if you see a produced card, jump on it.

4. Chad Henne - QB - Dolphins


The Dolphins suck. They suck BAAAAAAAD. You know who will take the most blame of any player? John Beck. He isnt a top caliber guy and he should have been Brady Quinn if the Dophins were smart. That means when he sucks it up, look for Chad to come in next year and pick up the pieces. I saw Henne play live last year and he looked more pro ready than any guy on the field. I would think that a small investment now, while he is benched, could turn into a nice profit when (not if) he starts.

5. DeSean Jackson - WR - Eagles


Another cheap-o WR that will be VERY good with a good team in philly. He will get PT right away as a punt returner and kick returner, so I would guess that he should get more once he blows everyone away with the speed. I would expect that at first, he will only get a deep ball here and there. But who else to the Eagles have at WR? NO ONE!! Next year will be a great year for him and you may even see him catch on before that. He will get lots of man on man due to westbrook, so I will be expecting good things in the future.


  1. I wouldn't expect anything even close to good numbers from Felix Jones or Devin Thomas. They're both in a defense heavy division. Plus the Redskins are a huge question mark with their new coaches but I guess it's worth the gamble if you can get the cards really cheap.

  2. Devin Thomas' cards are very cheap, but I would still expect him to perform, especially later in the year. Good receivers have the ability to work around the defenses they face, I believe he has that.

    As for Felix Jones, I expect him to get behind that big Dallas offensive line and work some magic. He has more talent than Julius Jones and will be a very nice compliment to Marion Barber.

    Just an opinion though - what prospecting is all about. Only time will tell.