Friday, May 9, 2008

Its All a Bunch of Jibba Joba


I just have to talk about this, because personally, I think it is fucking nuts. I was going over some of the sell sheets for Baseball and I saw how much face time Joba Chamberlain is getting. He is the poster boy for 2008 Bowman Chrome and has more hobby love than I care to admit. This love-fest comes from three undisputed facts: he is a Yankee, his name is Joba, and he performed above expectations in the half year he was up.

My problem? HE IS A SET UP FUCKING RELIEVER. I don’t care if he turns out to be the Yankees second starter, he isnt worth this much of my precious time. If his name was Jerry and he played for St. Louis (still a big market city), he wouldn’t be worth 1/8 of his value right now. What this shows is that the Yankee sheep collectors are fucking ridiculously weird. Im not saying that Boston is much better, but I didn’t see Alan Embree on the hobby radar, ever.


  1. Are you kidding me? I almost got beat up because I didn't know who Jacoby Ellsbury was after his playoff performance.

    If that was an indication of how great you are going to be, Jim Leyritz would be in the Hall of Fame right now instead of sitting in a Broward County jailhouse.

  2. You are correct sir!

    /phil hartman

  3. I got some Joba cards in a blaster box of Bowman. I'd never heard of him and didn't know he was supposed to be someone special until I started seeing his name in the baseball card blogosphere (Houston Texas is a long way from Yankee land, in more ways than one). I even posted one of his cards on my blog. I'm happy to have the cards but I've seen too many guys like this come and go over the years to chase his cards. If he turns out to be the second coming of Cy Young I'll be happy. If not, so what?

    BTW, Jim Leyritz is in jail?

  4. He killed someone in a D.U.I a few months ago.

  5. It's ridiculous that Joba's red ink autograph is booking for more than Bill Mazeroski's (which I pulled) and Yogi freakin' Berra's out of the Heritage set this year. A dang part-time rookie is supposed to be more valuable than Hall of Fame legends? I think not!