Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Miss the Good Ole Days


Petition to Upper Deck: bring back the SP Holoview cards w/ die cut parallel. The reason I am behind this all of a sudden was I recently saw a friend crack a box of 1994 SP Basketball and pulled a Shaq holoview diecut. These cards were the coolest things to hit the hobby since the 1989 base set, and we really havent seen much since. How cool would it be to pull holoview autographs of the RCs and vets instead of lame subsets like they have now? I would be ridiculously pumped if those were brought back - you have no idea. I mean, we havent had a cool subset insert since they cured polio. Here is their chance. The old ones still go for 50-100, and I may throw down some coin for these badboys after seeing the pull yesterday.

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