Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Am Really Sick Of East Coast Teams/Fans

If there is anything about NFL fans that I hate, its Patriots and Giants fans. Ill tell you though, those fans cant hold the jock of Red Sox and Yankee fans. I have already talked about pricing for Joba being fucking ridiculous considering his role on the team, something I blame on the insanity that is Yankee fandom, but now I want to talk about people born and raised in OTHER states and even OTHER time zones.


I was watching the Twins lose to the Red Sox today and I hated hearing fans cheering loudly when they hit their 4 solo home runs. I think I even heard a faint "lets go Red Sox" chant during the 9th when they were mounting a rally. That sucks. Its just a plain fucking disgrace that people who live and were born in the area arent cheering for the Twins, AND that they are cheering rather for a completely unrelated team. I understand if you are from Boston and moved to Minnesota, fine, but not all you people from Edina who decided to root for the Red Sox because they were good when the Twins sucked. I loathe you people.

Ill recall a quote here from a writer who was obviously feeling the same way I am, "I dont know how you can root for the Yankees. Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in Black Jack." I put Red Sox fans outside of "Red Sox Nation" under this umbrella. You people are worse than Minnesota based Packer fans. At least the Packer fans tend to be nicer people.


  1. Great topic. Nothing worse than going to your home stadium and seeing a sea of the away team color. It's pretty bad in Denver "home of the away team" but thats only because most people who live in Denver and are baseball fans, are from somewhere else.

    Some of my favorites to see are the 3rd team guys. The ones who wear Yankees hats to Card/Cubs games. And people who moved around a lot and collected only the good teams as they went. "I'm a Yankees, Red Wings, Chargers fan." Excuse me?

  2. Not to mention that at least most of the Minnesota based Packer fans are former residents of Wisconsin who moved here to MN so they could get a real job and/or education :-).

    Let's see how many people that pisses off...

  3. Haha, nice. I was waiting for someone to say that because I wasnt going to.